©The Metal Mag Nº17 May 2017

The Metal Mag nº17 May 2017

4 June 20170

The Metal Mag nº17 May 2017 Assassin’s Blade , Aittala , The Lust , Dissector , Veil of Delusions , Spitfuel , Evil Killer (Espanol / English), Jimi Anderson Group , Wretch , Bludy Gyres , Crimson Caliber , Dave Softee interview with Persefone , Teri Stahl Rockin’ Drummers section Read More

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The Metal Mag N13 – April May 2016

2 May 20160

Aion bar, Chronicles , Kaets, Pterygium, Aions of Hate, Caroline Pelletier, Chronicles, Decembers Fall, GTL guitars, Hot Hell Room, Interviews, Kaets, Krazy Madness, Lee Aaron, Live video, Magazine, Martyr, Mudface, Now or Never, Phoenix, Sacred Steel, Salem, Seventh Calling, Sorizon, Teri Stahl ‘s drummer section, Read More