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The Metal Mag N°18

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Jim Crean  , Koralyst , Anthriel , Age of Disclosure , Arapacis  , ZarthasWraithTower of BabelSibus ,  Teri Stahl Rockin Drummers: Cody AntillCraig MartinDan BuchJeff Blackburn , Kenn Youngar , Steve WittigSkinflintSt MadnessNational SuicideMaxx12 LLCNightbreakLorraine Cross (Francais, English) , Marc Vanderberg ,  David T ChastainRock Goddess ,  Astray Valley (Espanol, English) ,  Samsaya (Francais, English) ,  Heather WilliamsDark Ministry , Millennium , OverKhaosRottentown , Twin Flames

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