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The Metal Mag was born in 1998 UK by a Metal maniac Franck Michaud , who after trying to have his band Homicid running , decided to spread and support the Rock and Heavy Metal underground bands around the globe. Through a written English magazine with many languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish… Opened to the world!!!

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©The Metal Mag N°36 April 2020
©The Metal Mag N°36 April 2020

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See the people who loves the mag and own a piece of history :

*“It really is really high quality card stock, more like a coffee table book” Ryan Witting .

*That is a fine magazine. I am very impressed” David Der Minasian.

*The Metal Mag is hands down one of the best Metal Mags on the planet” Rick Marino.

©The Metal Mag with Dissector
The Metal Mag with Wildman George Koerber from Overlord SR
©The Metal Mag with Genevieve Rodda from Temtris
©The Metal Mag with Jorg Tochtenhagen  Bob Media
©The Metal Mag with Robert Wiggin
The Metal Mag with Adrienne fastball
The Metal Mag with Emma Elmen from Kingart
©The Metal Mag with Cherry bomb 13
©The Metal Mag with Greg brown
©The Metal Mag with Wes Moose Jaques
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