Edge of paradise : Alive Ep 2017 digital release available march

edge of paradise : alive 2017 new ep
New album from Edge of Paradise digitally released
edge of paradise : alive 2017 new ep
New album from Edge of Paradise digitally released

Edge of Paradise: ‘Alive ‘ digitally available March 2017 Record Label ILS/Universal. You can download it from Amazon or Itunes. An awesome cover with brillant artwork.

Produced by Chuck Johnson, mixed by Mike Plotnikoff, Michael Wagener, Jay Ruston.

Five tracks of the band’s original sound mixing up their first Industrial sound with their latest Heavy Metal one giving this new EP the universe the band has forged. It ‘s for sure they have their own sound and can’t be compared to any band. Their sound is always kicking with the awesome voice of Margarita, the heavy guitars of Dave, the groovy bass of Nick and the smooth kick of John. I love this band and the song ‘Alive’ is a typical song that will get you to the bones while ‘Dust to dust’ having a closer touch to Industrial with sounds might get you into another universe, ‘Mystery’ is a finally a piano clean and beautiful song as Margarita loves to play on her huge keyboard that will get on top of the billboard as high as Lita’s close my eyes…’Shade of crazy’ is just Edge of Paradise sound , the last one ‘Humanoid’ is the weirdest one to me with samples of sounds and great drum intro with slowing down parts closer to the design of the cover made by Timo Wuerz. Whatever the song you will love the band always captures your soul with the siren’s voice and a universe pretty much dealt and their is no doubt the band is on it’s way to the top. For the ones getting to their show they must dig the whole concept and the music is just a part of it. A great little Ep once again 100/100.


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