Jackson Hewitt: “Darwinism” CD & Digital self release 2017.

Jackson Hewitt: "Darwinism" CD & Digital self release 2017.
Jackson Hewitt: "Darwinism" CD & Digital self release 2017.
Jackson Hewitt
Jackson Hewitt: “Darwinism” CD & Digital self release 2017.Jackson Hewitt: “Darwinism” CD & Digital self release 2017.

Jackson Hewitt: “Darwinism” CD & Digital self release 2017.  UK Rock band. The album came out on Digital platform in January 2017 so many must have it already while the CD “hard copy” just been released this month December 2017. Due to the success they decided to release a physical copy for the fans. It seems not everyone is ready to plunge into the digital age that will be our future for everything we do. I am more attached to the art you can touch and own , rather than having something that has no life and it can’t be possessed like the air we breath. Music is life,  such it is so important  we made sure the music can be saved and listened for centuries. Like books it will never disappear!

Let’s start from the cover which is an art of itself and help getting an idea of what we can discover inside. A skull with a woman and wings giving a nice logo which speaks to many from tattoo lovers, to bikers and rockers around the world. An electronic card showing a circuit of a device and a man telling you to shut up. Well they are many messages you can figure out by yourself on this cover.

On the leaflet there is a message to you the listeners “None of us is the stronger..” explaining the reason for the album title as the lyrics along the journey of your path to enjoy the music the band is delivering. Ian Hewitt is the singer guitarist and has different vocal moods for each song. Sometimes reminding that dark voice : Ian Astbury from The Cult or even Danzing sending you to those special feelings yet keeping that rock music style. Jay Brown the bass player and backing vocalist brings his own sauce, and Mark Fleetwood playing some cool solos. Two drummers are playing on this album and the songs are sometimes funky and bluesy at some point giving the color of a mix between the seventies and the eighties. Slight touches from Pink Floyd , REM, T-Rex, Jimi Hendrix, Cat stevens…I could go way back with names but it is just to show you how the diversity of the creations this band can lead you to.

They have in just one album manage to express their feelings with many music styles that they love, giving this band somehow its own style. Even though the first two songs sound slightly apart from the others and the third song “Precocial” is like two in one (eight minutes fourteen seconds long, making it the longest one)  the album in a whole just rock you like emotions you feel and you might catch one song at the time depending on your mood. But for sure every song will capture your soul and you will join forces with that unusual band. Here is song “Freedom” at the end of the album to help you reach the message it passing through :

Jackson Hewitt delivers twelve tracks of pure peace and love rocking your day, like one song “I can’t Kill” states : ‘I Don’t know why’  simply because music is the best human being can create. So if you like music and want to feel what that band has to say, you can get the album on every digital platform Itunes, Google, Amazon, Spotify… get this masterpiece of art now 98/100.

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