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  1. We thanks for all words this review. it’s a huge honor to have our work linked to a serious website that supports thousands of bands around the world like The Metal Meg.
    A big hug from Brazil and Stay Rock baby \m/

  2. Excelent report. A great night in Angers, good musicians and fantastic songs. Thank’s for beeing here with us, see you soon.

  3. “Dedicated and passionate, they bring us powerful songs to get the world a pleasure to live in. Playing lots of live shows and creating songs that you will get addicted to easily, it’s like they have been here for ages. From their image, to the videos everything is done to make this band one of the best in the music scene today”.(The Metal Mag,2018).

    The quote above could not have been worded any better to describe Ravenscroft. I have been enamored with the sound of this band since August 28, 2016. The first song I heard from them, was “Cauldron of Deceit”. It literally saved me from my own self destruction, more than once!

    Ravenscroft presents a level of music that invigorates the mind,body,and soul.It allows you to think about things around you, what is going on in the world. This is a new era of music that will make you feel that you are alive,vibrant,electrified,and want to bang your head at the same time!

    “The Storm of the Century” WILL be Ravenscroft! Get prepared for a long journey into a musical combustion that will be heard all over the world, and a force to be reckoned with!

  4. Rob Halford has not lost his Heavy Metal agility that is for sure. The band brings back memories, but yet, gives you something new to look forward to, as if they never left. He is the God of Metal in my book. I cannot think of anyone that back in the day, did not head bang to “Breaking the law”. Now I will be head banging to “Lighting Strikes” Great review The Metal Mag \../

  5. This is a really great band.They just finished a very successful US tour which was their first time in the US.They had just got George Call and his epic vocals(ASKA,OMEN,BANSHEE) and Danny White powerful drums (ASKA,OMEN) they are both from the US while Lee Andrea Payne the only original member and the rest of the band are from the UK.Do yourself a favor a buy the new album and stay tumed for the new one with Pure Steel Records.

  6. Bonjour,
    Merci pour cette article fort élogieux.
    Notre nom est par contre “Le Bathyscaphe” avec un y et non un i 🙂
    Bien cordialement.
    Johnson / Le Bathyscaphe

    • Merci, elle a assurée sur les réponses et je suis content que cela plaise aux gens car certains n’osent pas exprimer ce qu’ils ressentent. Elle est honnête et à fond dans la musique .

  7. Evo created the most awsome street mayhem I grew up on this music and countless bands have tried to copy this original sound,The best cult metal band of the 80’s without doubt.

  8. Thank you for reviewing this exciting and extraordinary release from The Savage Rose. I fully agree with your assessment. In addition to the tracks you mention I believe ‘Romano Song’ has to be right up there with the very best and Annisette’s vocal is simply amazing. ‘Homeless’ is by many considered to equal their legendary album from 1973 ‘Wild Child’ – it is difficult to disagree – it is that strong.
    Just for the record The Savage Rose has existed for more than 50 years with only Annisette remaining of the original band.
    May The Savage Rose finally be recognized in the UK – the world would be a better place for it.

  9. One of the best Band in Mexico definitly is Strike Master. His music is loud and with very good quality with just three membres they are fuckin awesome !!!!!

  10. You might want to drop the Pledgemusic link. First, they have shut down operations, and second, they still owe Alexandra from her campaign. Opus 1880 is an awesome release by a talented artist.

  11. I agree! Will Black is a musician that is wonderful to listen to, as well as look at. He also treats his fans and following with respect, and friendliness. Excellent article. THANK YOU!!

  12. In the name of the whole band we would like to send you a big thank you from switzerland. We really appreciate it. You made us very proud! Thank you once again! We‘re enormous pleased!
    All the best

  13. They are an idol group, not a band.
    Please dig a bit deeper next time as your ignorance of the scene Necronomidol come from was very apparent and leads to some unfair expectations and judgements.


    • I receive tons of albums to review and I’m a musician so I’m expecting real bands. I understand it is the japanese culture but they have great bands too.

  14. Cloven Hoof has created another masterpiece.With the Epic Vocals of George Call(ASKA.Omen,Banshee,Violent Storm,Emerald,Warrion).Him and only survivor of the original band Lee Andre Payne on bass.Be sure to get this album its a masterpiece.10 out of 10

  15. Thanks a lot for this review! You can find all materials of the Band on The internet with @cyberconscience! (FB, Insta, YouTube, Www)

  16. Thank you so much for all the praise! Man were really glad that you like our sound this much and also that you take a lot of your time to create and work so diligently on your platform which gives a voice to all the smaller bands like us! Good to have you! Cheers and thanks again
    Tom White from DevilsBridge

    • Thanks back to you, music is life and I can’t live without it. So your music just makes me happy and alive! I do my best to spread bands like yours who deserve the shoutout! It’s the purpose of my mag that I started to support bands back in 1998 as I couldn’t get my own band going. You rock!!!

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