Temtris :” Khaos Divine” CD 17th March 2023 Wormholedeath Records.

Temtris :" Khaos Divine" CD 17th March 2023 Wormholedeath Records.

Temtris:” Khaos Divine” CD 17th March 2023 Wormholedeath Records. Australian Heavy Metal band.

Seventh album from this amazing power Heavy Metal band. The team of husband and wife has been stronger than ever, coupled with amazing musicians. A complete artistic family working altogether for a worldwide explosion. The daughter behind the camera shoots the band when needed, and the son if less present in photos is still working for the band.

Devotion and passion is the key. This family is dedicated to giving the most for their band to succeed. I must say they have managed to keep up on the tracks, although like many bands, their lineup suffered from consistency.

Yet they are still here kicking, with a brand new album stronger than ever! The female character is still present on the cover, with lots of messages, and worldwide connected lyrics anyone can relate to. If there is something we can credit them for, is their sound that has been well composed on the first album. You know it’s Temtris

Those pounding riffs and entertaining volcanos of melodies, sticking to Genevieve’s high heavy voice any sailor will fail for. The temptress attracts you into her webs and stings you to the heart. You will be blown away by the power it gives you. Double shredded solos, heavy drum, and bass run the machine to its final destination. Sometimes on the edge of Thrash Metal reminding the early eighties.

Check out this brilliant video explaining a bit of the concept ;

Nine tracks take you without compromise, leading you straight to love this amazing band. It has gained over the years. 

The gain for the fans is what they are wishing for. The band is set on fire to hit as many countries as possible.  Buy the album, with signed posters of each member.

A must-have 100/100

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