The Metal Mag nº17 May 2017

The Metal Mag Nº17 May 2017
The Metal Mag Nº17 May 2017 Tammy Mitchell-Woods Jon Papineau Jeff Ciavardini Sue Kusch Lewy Stixi Roxy Petrucci David Softee Kletzel Teri Stahl Holly Jane Towers WRETCH Anna Vashchilo Assassin's Blade Speedrush Dissector Worhol Bludy Gyres Simon Wright HYDROGYN OFFICIAL Sherry Lenox Jimi Anderson 1349 (Official) Veil Of Delusions Mike LePond Trym Torson Jenner Crimson Caliber Heather Williams Final Coil SpiteFuel Aittala Persefone Seide

The Metal Mag nº17 May 2017

Assassin’s Blade , Aittala , The Lust , Dissector , Veil of Delusions  , Spitfuel , Evil Killer (Espanol / English),  Jimi Anderson Group , Wretch , Bludy Gyres , Crimson Caliber , Dave Softee interview with Persefone , Teri Stahl Rockin’ Drummers section with Tammy Woods Jon Papineau Jeff Ciavardini Sue Kusch Lewy Stix Roxy Petrucci Pete Holmes , T.O.W.E.R.S , Speedrush,  Heather Williams interviews with 1349 Simmon Wright Mike Lepond Trym Torson ,  Worhol , Final Coil , Jenner , Seide (Francais / English)

Thanks to Pure Steel Records , Iron Shield Records ,  Lion Music Records , Inferno Records, all the PR’s…and all the musicians involved.

Painting artwork on the cover by Marie

The Editor

Franck Michaud


About Editor

The Metal Mag was born in 1998 in England, the wish to support Metal bands in the world.
A magazine is still alive and readable for free with sometimes video interviews and link to partners.

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