Jim Crean “Insatiable’ CD 2016 Rocker Records

Jim Crean “Insatiable' CD 2016 Rocker Records
Jim Crean “Insatiable' CD 2016 Rocker Records
Jim Crean “Insatiable’ CD 2016 Rocker Records


Jim Crean “Insatiable’ CD 2016 Rocker Records. USA AOR / Heavy Metal band. Jim is bringing you an awesome piece of music, getting you back in the 80’s best albums sharing his art with amazing artists. Intro by Don Jamieson from VH1’S That Metal Show kicking straight from the start with a hard rocking kick ass track ‘Insatiable’ being the album title, a great solo from Robby Lochner (Jack Russell’s Great White/Rob Halford’s Fight) and features Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath/Dio/Heaven & Hell/Derringer/John Lennon) on the drums bringing you a hit single you’ll play for long such it is a powerful song.

Following is just a Dio song ‘Caught in the middle’ with nothing but the whole line up who recorded that song on the album ‘Holy Diver’ ! Jim sharing vocals with Frank Dimino (Angel).

A beautiful ballad ‘just can’t find my way’ song from Freak of Nature with Mike Tramp on duet  ,  Carmine Appice (Ozzy Osbourne/ Rod Stewart/Vanilla Fudge/Cactus/Blue Murder) on Drums & Tony Franklin (The Firm/Blue Murder) on bass!

‘Over The Edge’ with Phil Lewis of LA Guns!  Making the song a bit smoother without loosing its fame and will get you addicted to the rest of the album.

Other songs with Vinny Appice on drums, Martin Slott (Push) on guitar, Dave Constantino (Talas) on Lead Guitar , Colleen Mastrocovo (Hair Nation ) on Drums….

‘Turn it around’ a great kick ass track to shake your ass,  this album as everything to light up your day.

Two bonus tracks with songs from :

Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth/Mr.Big/Talas) features Phil Naro on Background Vocals.

Kiss  famous song with Vinny Appice,Phil Naro,Steve Major & Stan Miczek ( Honeymoon Suite/The Guess Who/Sass Jordan/Killer Dwarfs/Harem Scarem/Tom Cochrane) on Bass.

A masterpiece with many great songs and many great artists, hit singles smashing you down to spend great times floating around. A great album to own 98/100

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