whiskeyblu : “Bootleg 1992” Digital self Release August 2017.

whiskeyblu : "Bootleg 1992" Digital self Release August 2017.
whiskeyblu : "Bootleg 1992" Digital self Release August 2017.
whiskeyblu : “Bootleg 1992” Digital self Release August 2017.

Whiskey Blu : “Bootleg 1992” Digital self Release August 2017. USA Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band. Those girls started at the wrong time in history of music, all female bands were such a few  mostly Vixen and Phantom Blue were worldwide rock stars , yet the music business as the people where not much into those girls bands. Neither less to say , the public in the states became fan straight away with those young girls who rocked the stages so good they were going to release an album. Started in early 1990 when the business was changing its wing with much more commercial music, the girls made so many cool songs that they blew away the guys !

Whiskey Blu suddenly were kicking the stages in 1991 and even won awards!!! ‘Arizona Backstage Pass Entertainer’s Award for Best Rock Band in Phoenix’ promising a brilliant futur with amazing live set and perfect songs composed that get you the kickstart right from the first note. Having the chance to play live shows with the 80’s legends as covering them on stage with their own compositions you can hear on that awesome album re-made from old tapes by the drummer Barb “The Animal” . Sadly the band like many were on the stairs to stardom but the dream stopped with bad contracts ruining the musicianship of those good girls getting the band to split up.

Fortunately for some they reunited in 2007 and played in the summer of 2008 for a benefit show. Then went their separate ways to pursue their life and few of them are still playing music.

Starting with rocking tunes such as “Take You Down” , ” Baby Song” , “Fantasy”…. Knowing those girls have never recorded several takes , the sound is pretty good and really deserve to be printed but due to financial issues it’s available for download only. You need to get that pearl of brilliant music to rock your days.

Ten songs recorded each in various studios but yet giving this album a great sound as one, an amazing work done from a guy Dave Marshall who did his best and accomplished a tremendous job. One live song “The Mosh Song” strangely reminding the early eighties Heavy / Speed bands proving how good those girls were and what they could achieve if they didn’t stop.

So many influences : Motley Crue, ACDC, Guns ‘n Roses, LA Guns, Aerosmith , Cinderella , Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zepplin , Hellion, No Shame…Have a little taste :

So for your own pleasure buy this pearl on CD Baby now! For those who had the chance to see them live it’s the best memory to own 100/100.

Also available on itunes and amazon

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