Speedfreak: Beware of Lude, and Nefarious Music

Speedfreak: Beware of Lude, and Nefarious Music
Speedfreak: Beware of Lude, and Nefarious Music
Speedfreak: Beware of Lude, and Nefarious Music
Speedfreak: Beware of Lude, and Nefarious Music


Speedfreak: Beware of Lude, and Nefarious Music

Written by: Matt Drummond 

Wookfest 2018 is just around the corner, and by now you should have gotten acclimated with the majority of the bands so far. The 5th band that Wookfest would like to welcome, is Speedfreak. We all know that SKANK is the undisputed champion of lude, and nefarious behaviour, but Speedfreak also dabbles in the art of filth! With that said, I got the gasoline, you grab the matches, and let’s fire up this inferno called Speedfreak.

“If we moved in next door to you, your lawn would die.”


“Speedfreak? Those guys suck! Hahaha I mean what’s there to say about Speedfreak that hasn’t already been said? We’re just four dudes who like to play rock n roll, and have a good time doing it! As far as upcoming stuff, we are finally trying to get a record out with our new drummer, Dave Hornyak. In all honesty though; this isn’t about us, it’s about Wook.”

     Kevin Kelly

Chicago based Speedfreak, is a carousing band that packs plenty of voltage, and whiskey. The bands stitched together by; Kevin Kelly (guitar/backing vox), Tommy Kooch (vocals), Dirty Steve (bass/backing vox), and Dave Hornyak (drums) 

Speedfreak is an ideal band for Wookfest. Delivering back breaking speed, their shows embody an insane party atmosphere, just how Jeff “Wookie” Ziolo would have wanted it. So how did Speedfreak, and Ziolo cross paths? 

“I first met Wookie, at YOTI. Speedfreak was a bunch of snot nosed asshole kids. At that time, I don’t think we were even old enough to drink. Wook either didn’t know, or didn’t care. He treated us like he treated just about everyone else, with love, and respect. Wookie always made me feel like I was family. He was one of those dudes that gave bear hugs, and called you ‘brother’.”

     Kevin Kelly

Speedfreak are Ziolos brothers. He called them that, because he meant it. Wookfest won’t just be another show for Speedfreak, or any of the bands for that matter. Ziolo loved, and believed in these guys. Wookfest is the time for them to show everyone why, and I guarantee they won’t disappoint Ziolo.

“I have a lot of great memories with Wookie, but I think my fondest one might be the last time I saw him. He, and a couple friends came by the bar I was working at, to see one of the bands playing. In classic Wookie fashion, he paid the cover (even though I tried not to charge him), bought me drinks (even though I wasn’t supposed to be drinking on the clock), and I think he even got pizza for everyone at the bar. That was the kind of dude he was. Always looking out for everyone else, and wanting to make sure everyone was having a good time. At the end of the night, we gave each other the usual; ‘we gotta hang soon’ thing. As he left, he gave me one of those bear hugs, and said, ‘it was great to see you. If you ever need anything, you let me know brother!’ A few days later, I got the call that he was gone.”

     Kevin Kelly

Like everyone, Speedfreak carries in heavy hearts to Wookfest. Everyone from Wookfest board members, to bands, to people who hardly knew Ziolo, understand the significance of June 16th. The good news is the Speedfreak boys are going to fill Reggies Rock Club with a blazing set to honor their brother. 

It’s hard to not fester in the sadness due to the loss of Ziolo, but let me remind you of one thing. If he was still here, and saw the sadness getting the better of you, he’d punch you right in the face. All he ever wanted, was for his family, and friends to have a good time. Remember that on June 16th, and get ready to salute a shot of Crown to the legendary Ziolo with the Speedfreak boys! 

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