The Hard Way : “Police Brutality” CD & Digital 6th December 2017 Self Produced.

The Hard Way : "Police Brutality" CD & Digital 6th December 2017 Self Procuced.
The Hard Way : "Police Brutality" CD & Digital 6th December 2017 Self Procuced.
The Hard Way : “Police Brutality” CD & Digital 6th December 2017 Self Produced.

The Hard Way : “Police Brutality” CD & Digital 6th December 2017 Self Produced. USA Rock / Hard Rock band.

Eric Jeffreys ,the singer, is the main driver of THE HARD WAY & pretty known in the LA scene for his vocals on many bands up & down the Sunset Strip. In the last 9 years, THE HARD WAY has performed with about every band you can imaging & have spent the last three years perfecting the new album “Police Brutality”. The record was recorded at NRG Studios in North Hollywood, CA & engineered by Tim Luce & Jon E Love (Love/Hate). Mastering was done at Blacksound Studios in LA by the great Michael Parnin, who has a long, looooong list of producing credits including American Idol, AGT, Dug Pinnick of Kings X, Andrew Lloyd Weber & many more .

Blacksound Studios in LA by the great Michael Parnin
Blacksound Studios in LA by the great Michael Parnin

And the result is an awesome rocking album, tainted will bluesy and funky parts that brings you back to the eighties. For the people who follow the band since they started, the first album was made seven years ago which is rare in the music for a “young” band even though many great musicians have played on that album. It takes you straight down the path of shaking rock’n roll attitude & a thumping foundation that will please everyone.

When you see the cover you expect something well let’s say “brutal’ & it definitely sends a message .And even though it’s a bunch of cool guys enjoying themselves with excellent skills, the mood of the record is expressed mostly in the lyrics and what they say to the listener . When you know or just see Eric , you look at a nice bud you are sure to make friend with! He definitely has something to say. His band mates are just amazing musicians such as Joe Drock who helped found the band & has played in various different projects, he has all kind of musical skills to play in every music style. They both melted well to fusion and it made it strong for the compositions. Then you have another talented guitarist John Huldt who is playing also in the band Ampora ,The Longing and  MetalABBA being the advanced rock guitar instructor at the LA Music Academy and won several awards, keeps a busy schedule…

Then on bass Tim Luce, a guy who has worked with Alcatrazz, Michael Schenker, Roger Daltrey, Kiss…and on the beating machine to drive them all , just the man behind great bands Bobby Rock, who is playing live dates around the United States with miss Lita Ford. A well-known guy who played in various bands throughout his career , such as Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Hardline, Slaughter, Gary Hoey…

So you got the picture and now it makes sense why they chose this name and also why it took so long to bring another album. Those musicians are simply living the musician dream and are so demanded such they are one of the best to fit great formations.

I listened it many times , they have the groove and high standard musicians to make it a great album to own in your collection . And if you have the chance to see them live they will rock you like a hurricane. From Van Halen to Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple, Guns ‘n Roses, ZZ Top… it’s just honey for the ears! Ten tracks to explode your blood boiling of moving to the dance floor, for people like me it will just make you feel alive.

“We are 99″ is a hit single with melodies and kick ass tunes in every sense of the word, every guitarist will love those solos. Check that bluesy rocking tunes from the titled track of the album ” Police Brutality” , somehow reminds me Motley Crue.., with such powerful lyrics :

“I Can’t Go Home” is such a brilliant song, those songs talk to you direct to the heart and soul. Sometimes the guitars reminds Tony Mac Alpine or Jason Becker with those tiny jazz licks & intricacies . So you’ve definitely got to love this band! Hurry and get that album from the band or online from CDBaby  100/100.

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