Lit Soul ‘Your Crusade’ CD & Digital 19th January 2018 MBM Music.

Lit Soul 'Your Crusade' CD & Digital 19th January 2018 Miss Crazy Records
Lit Soul 'Your Crusade' CD & Digital 19th January 2018 Miss Crazy Records
Lit Soul : ‘Your Crusade’ CD & Digital 19th January 2018 MBM Music.

Lit Soul : ‘Your Crusade’ CD & Digital 19th January 2018 MBM Music. USA Rock / Hard Rock band. Led by Rob Chevelle guitarist singer and composer, the driving force of this formation. This LA based musician started his band a few years ago and managed to keep going while having many awesome players to spread his sight of the world. Denouncing many facts that most bands nor politicians will, this unusual band captures your senses with high quality tunes spreading messages anyone can understand and advocate to.

It’s strong from the riffs to the soul and needs all the support needed to get on top of the charts leading through all the great bands in the world. This MCD is so good you wish it was a complete album such it has great songs that touch you to your heart. Using keyboards intro brings that symphonic touch with emotion and the classic intro guitar to moves onto explosive dancing tunes. I wish the band keeps its lineup stable to bring another masterpiece with more songs to play over and over again.

With his heavy voice Rob gets the musical direction a bit higher and you can find influences from The Cult to Billy Idol, riffs from Iron Maiden and heavy driving kick ass solos that set up the band in the edge of Heavy Metal standard. A twist of skills from musicians such as Slash from Guns ‘n Roses mixed up with Led Zeppelin ‘ s Jimmy Page melodies and licks .I bet live it is heavier to enjoy while the EP is already a big sensation. The good point is I’ve been listening to it several times and still can’t catch the resemblance as I used to. Meaning the creations are amazingly composed which gives its own style to the band. It sets them apart and at the same time keeps them into the Rocking universe. They will conquer a wide audience and certainly have already, but it will grow strongly.

The drummer Ty Dennis replaced Brian Sowers who took his place in 2012 and got back to his job he’s been doing for the band since the beginning , while bass players and lead guitarists have played a major part into the songs , each has input on different songs since the band started. The second song has that lead from Chris Holmes who has played in the band in the studio on several occasions in the past.

Steve Sampson is the lead guitarist and you can see and hear his amazing performance on that song :

This song is on the album twice , with an extended version, and it’s awesome composition of the music and the lyrics is a hit single!!! Dan Thomas Sauceda the bass player gives it a hard touch that kicks the whole songs, he also plays in Snew . So this is a serious kick ass band to follow as they deliver the good soul that helps us enjoy life everyday. It has six tracks, that excellent song for the price of two ahah three other tracks giving again different moods and messages , and the last one is not a song but a statement from  Rob Chevelle himself. Talking to the fans explaining the songs and thanking everyone who supports the band. I must say IT is the first time I have heard a statement directly from an album about the musician himself. That proves the man is thankful and respectful to the people who cares about his music. Bands always forget that fans are the reason they are playing music and enjoy their life to express the feelings we all have .

Inspirations are from the seventies to the eighties but still speaks to everyone and makes it one of the best bands to follow , so If you like the song on that video buy the album from the band by clicking the name on top and support as much as you can this awesome band 100/100.

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