Mind’s Cove : “Drift” CD 2018 Revalve Records.

Mind's Cove : "Drift" CD 2018 Revalve Records.
Mind's Cove : "Drift" CD 2018 Revalve Records.
Mind’s Cove : “Drift” CD 2018 Revalve Records.

Mind’s Cove : “Drift” CD 2018 Revalve Records. Italy Rock / Heavy Metal band.

Formed in 2016 by the singer Matteo Melita , he gathered musicians to explore his creativity. After setting up a line up to release those great songs . They then thought an album would reach his goals to show the world all the ideas he had in mind. The great team made possible to release this first album. The recording process has been able through friends, the line up then evolved into the band that appears on this album.

With many musical influences , Mind’s Cove has a strong Rock root direction mixed up with some Heavy Metal parts. Those mix get the band into an edge of several path that will help get lots of fans into many music styles. This project is interesting because it shows you how different musicians create a piece of art with each soul and passion. Unlike the other usual bands in the Metal area, the Rock influence gives a special flavour to the music. If you can sometimes recognize the influences , most of the time you just listen and dive into the tunes. 

A cover artwork sending you into imagination, a bit like floating into your own mind cells. The album is a total art with a booklet with the lyrics and no photos, just artworks to give a compete immersion into the idea behind the concept. So in the overall we can say, they have reached a special way to get the art in the first place. The music and the design makes a whole. 

So to dive into Mind’s cove’s  music you also have to watch the videos, another way to express the art of a band in every forms. Enjoy this video :

So now you dived into the mind of Matteo Melita and the band’s creations, I am sure you want to hear more. Sometimes having a little secret to invite people getting the idea behind an album, is better to listen to the music and understand the art. Where some bands are more into the visual of musicians photos, or even funny videos or even right in your stomach.. Influences from Lit Soul, The Cult, Billy Idol, Metallica, Megadeth, Dream Theater

Mind’s Cove first asks you to digest the concept, what the message is bringing into you with the music. Then you will know the band members and all of the process that made this band existing. Eight tracks that send you into people’s mind that can anyone relate to. “The Snake Inside” , “Mirrors” , “Black Tickets” each song is complimentary and can’t be taken out of this album. Of course like many albums you may love more song than others, to me they all belong to each others without getting out of this project. 

A special feel when listening to the album. You may play it several times, a good discovery if you like music to open your mind and be a little different 98/100.

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