Soul Of Steel : “Rebirth” CD 20th September 2019 Revalve Records.

Soul Of Steel : "Rebirth" CD 20th September 2019 Revalve Records.
Soul Of Steel : "Rebirth" CD 20th September 2019 Revalve Records.
Soul Of Steel : “Rebirth” CD 20th September 2019 Revalve Records.

Soul Of Steel : “Rebirth” CD 20th September 2019 Revalve Records. Italy Rock / Progressive / Power Metal band. 

Here is again another band from this little country, that came out from other bands who changed or split.. The band got a full line up that changed very quickly , they released a first album before the singer changed. It is hard to get the perfection for a band when there is no stable elements to keep up. With this second album it seems they found the right fit to give us a brilliant piece of art.

It is sad to see those days bands creating good songs and spreading apart their talent. I will not try to hear the previous album as I could be disappointed. Personally I don’t like bands who keep changing members. Their fans will make the difference, we can hope they don’t disband before the next opus… We are into the digital age, crazy artwork to blow the eyes like science fiction movie posters. The artwork telling your mind to get interested by what’s inside. 

Originally started as Power Metal band, the line up changes obviously made them evolving into something more Progressive Rock. While they haven’t abandoned the Power Metal style, they have few songs left but we can hear they are definitively going into another direction. It spills the Metal influences but most of the songs show a different aspect of what the band wish to accomplish. Like many prog bands, I always have hard time to appreciate all songs. Too much keyboards (I don’t like it sorry) , colorful artwork yet very cold like the music. I am glad they kept some Power blasting Heavy Metal to kick the rest. Each person a has different approach, to me it is another too perfect album made by very perfectionist musicians. 

I let you enjoy this song :

Seventh track of this album; if you dig it then you will love this band. Soul Of Steel is for sure a band to follow if they pursue into that direction. Neither less to say, it is a brilliant album. Some songs such as “A Margin Of Life” the track you just heard , could be aired on radio stations without troubles and will find lots of fans in diverse musical genres.

Ten songs that go through the masterpiece with different emotions and atmospheres. You will be addicted if this is your kind of music , loved by many Soul Of Steel has a big futur coming in! Influences ranging from Cock Robin, Amaranthe, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Startovarius, Survivor, Marillion… many from eighties rock to nineties Heavy Metal music. A band to reach the stardom in a minutes and conquer many music lovers 98/100.

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