Metalite : “Biomechanicals” 25th October 2019 AFM Records.

Metalite : "Biomechanicals" 25th October 2019 AFM Records.
Metalite : "Biomechanicals" 25th October 2019 AFM Records.
Metalite : “Biomechanicals” 25th October 2019 AFM Records.

Metalite : “Biomechanicals” 25th October 2019 AFM Records. Sweden Modern Power Metal / Prog / Pop … band. After a line up change, the band is back with a new album still into the digital era. Powered by keyboards and samples, it is hard to put in a box as their compositions could be into many genres of music. Amazing melodic singer that could be on the music we hear most on radios loved by this new generation.

Very well made into this new digital sound, the band sounds amazing on this album although they added electronic sounds. A feeling to be sent into a futurist movie.  I have the impression to listen to those new music , thanks the band has real musicians! Definitively must be seen live to dive into the feel of the songs and the power of the bewitching experience their compositions are spreading to.

Right in the vein of the tunes we can hear such as Amaranthe (without the growinling voice) , Nightwish , ABBA, Hexed Metalite songs will be on top of the charts bringing many people to the Metal style once again. A mix of melodies, heavy riffs and flowing tunes that simply take your soul with pleasure. Amazing musicianship creating top of the top songs. No boundaries to their compositions, they know how to write great songs and fit right into this new era.

If you take all the samples effects, the music is great to my ears . Hence a perfect album released and up its time. The first note is taking you from a normal life to a moving world that is never keeping you down. You will get addicted by Erica Ohlsson ‘s enchanting voice surfing on the Symphonic melodies, pounding drums from Lea Larsson powerful kick that drives this machine.

Edwin Premberg forming member is leading this quintet with melodic shreds to enlighten the music that is already taking your soul with the siren’s voice! Among other members Robert Örnesved on guitars and Robert Majd on bass, the band is getting full power to explode the world and become the new sensation.

Check this video :

First song of this new album that will kick hard the world like a bomb. Eleven songs in total to blast your soul and wake you up all day long. Produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe) there is no suprise of the result with Metalite ‘s new album. “World On Fire” , ” Biomechanicals” , “Eye of the Storm” … I am always surprised by such skills giving brilliant album to kick your ass.

As a result Sweden , for sure has excellent musicians and techs to get the music still worthwhile! A label that has real good bands to spread, I think you will be jumping on this masterpiece next month! The power and melody of Metalite is an explosion of great feeling getting you passing by those electronic samples. If changing singer in a band is sometimes hard for the fans as for the music, believe me they have found the right replacement in adding Erica!

An excellent piece of art that gets hope in music , they haven’t finished to surprise us. Music has reached another step and Metalite is one of those bands to conquer the place of the new genres in Metal 98/100.

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