Battering Ram : “Self Titled” Digital 24th January 2020 Self Released.

Battering Ram : "Self Titled" Digital 24th January 2020 Self Released.
Battering Ram : "Self Titled" Digital 24th January 2020 Self Released.
Battering Ram : “Self Titled” Digital 24th January 2020 Self Released.

Battering Ram : “Self Titled” Digital 24th January 2020 Self Released. Sweden Rock / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band.

While Sweden get us used to Metal bands who recreate the great years, it is with a big surprise I discover this band promoted by Kingart Music. A strong and powerful Hard Rock band that blows your ears with many influences making them original. Their tunes are rocking hard with an heavy guitar sound, pounding drums and melodic vocals. 

Powerful visual artwork cover, how can’t you be fascinated to check them out? It is always with simple yet kick ass artwork , a band is most sure to get fans attraction. A right in you face band’s name, it has everything you need to fall in love straight away.  After listening to one song,  you can’t get it out of your mind and will check the full album. This isn’t fair as sweden already know the band, who played live shows to get the temperature to know if it’s worth it. Most importantly,  they got the great response for fans in their homeland, they are sending us now a complete album with amazing tunes.

I visited their website , I can feel and see they have skills and lots of music history behind. Already present in many online medias, they have prepared to blow the world like a bomb! “Taking My Time” is the first track to punch you in the face, you can’t get out! The power it spilling out making you want to bang your head and follow this band in the futur. Meanwhile it has plenty of groove and melting tunes, it runs with such pleasure. This band will be on top of the charts pretty soon. 

Entertaining songs with melodic voices that let you float in a confortable place, your brain is moshing! Johan Hallström is taking your soul and you won’t get it back! I have been listening to this album around ten times and can’t get it out of my fave albums list! Jonas Edmark ‘s kick ass riffs and little licks that getting you back to those old great tunes, it rocks! Man I’m taking my foot , just want to dance arrrgghhh it is really good feelings. Heavy loud down tuned guitar sounds, it got you. Tony Trust have the right kick to blast the pounding drums and get you involved into the moshing pleasure. Jocke Stahl ‘s pounding bass gets the guitars a much higher and heavier sound.

You have a band with four amazing musicians who wrote great songs to get your blood boiling of love for their music. Check out this song :

You heard it, do you love it? The album is launched tomorrow , get ready to buy it. Available on digital platforms it will get a big sell quickly. Blast your ears with love and pleasure, this is what music is made for and Battering Ram has the recipe for you. The reason why music is so powerful, in other words you will feel so much better after you tasted it ! Everything has been written , yet bands like this manage to move your body and shake your soul. 

A band with his own soul and many influences that speaks to us all! Accept, Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet, Pantera, Exodus, Motley Crue, Billy Idol, DAD, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Phantom Blue, Thin Lizzy... it’s insane! I can’t stop searching for that riff, that vocal line.. At the end I just listen to Battering Ram compositions, and realise they made their own sound. Nine songs full of emotion and power. “Stronger Forever” , “Chase the Fire” , “Coming my Way” .. they have all something to pump your heart with love.

Sweden as usual , has brought us some extraordinary musicians to create a masterpiece that will stay for long. This is with such beauty that you would like a label to push them up on the higher places. Neither less to say , it is a masterpiece 100/100.

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