Offensive Ground : “Nightmare King” CD & Digital 27th October 2017 Produced by Jakob Hermann.

Offensive Ground : "Nightmare King" CD & Digital 27th October 2017 produced by Jakob Hermann.
Offensive Ground : "Nightmare King" CD & Digital 27th October 2017 self produced.
Offensive Ground : “Nightmare King” CD & Digital 27th October 2017 produced by Jakob Hermann.

Offensive Ground : “Nightmare King” CD & Digital 27th October 2017 produced by Jakob Hermann. Swedish Modern Metal band. This country has so many great bands that it’s usually hard to find one that doesn’t deliver good tunes. An amazing cover album with a great painting actually wider that is also used as a banner for their website as their social media pages. it’s a good choice to have chosen this artist who released this amazing art. The album has been recorded and mixed by Jakob Herrmann himself who gave 100% of his skills that gives this amazing product (Raised fist, Avatar, Europe, Amaranthe, Machine Head And Anthrax) at Top Floor studios.

The band started back in 2011 but obviously have all the pieces to get an explosive Metal act. They seem to know exactly how to create kick ass compositions and are on the right years to get the public for this kind of music they make. You have to dig the songs but for me it’s not easy when the singer has that screaming type of vocals , but it’s what the new generation love. Listening carefully the music has many origins and influences from diverse Metal music styles from the 80’s , most from the 90’s and are typically the band the Metal world is worshiping right now mixing up everything.

They have released other albums but nothing is mentioned on their website about it, they did a single “Salvage Dump” the first track of the album and have just made a video for it. I must say it is one of my favorite song. Starting with a groove and power giving you the wish to mosh, with parts of nice vocals all well worked to catch your attention and let you get up on the train that will drive you to the tunnel of addiction.

I think the next video should be “Ride out of The Storm” completely awesome but without that screaming vocals and with beautiful melodic vocals showing the ability of the band to release different music style and hit single. Classic guitar and simple vocals with emotions and nice solo , remembering the bands that made the charts back in the days and could give them an award but would change their path they chose for the whole album. (Or maybe we could call it a ballad… no usual those days).

Musically it’s a complete piece of artwork, from Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Hard Core, Doom… they have all the ingredients that make a receipt working like an old pie your grandma used to cook when you were a child. Twelve songs with a diversity that will catch the live audience everywhere they play , as you will always have a riff catching your ears and giving you the wish to dance.

“Villain” is a Heavy Rock song, “Letter from The Sea” is another great song starting with a rock ballad intro to end up like a Pantera one. “Agent of Chaos ” is groovy …whatever the song there is one for you! We can only thank them for creating songs that can please everyone. Even if they have the style pretty much in place for most of the compositions.

Get a heavy dose :

So you might want to hear more and I think you will cos it’s worth it. Influences are diverse from late Slayer, Korn,The Taws, Machine Head, A Day To Remember, Architects, Skinlab, In Flames, Corosion of Conformity, Black Sabbath… click on the band name to go to their website buy the album from Itunes, Spotify.. or ask them a CD it’s a pure explosion and they will get high on the scene believe me it’s a bomb! A great work to give such an album 98/100.


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