Sedulous Rouse : “The Valley Beyond” CD 2016 self produced.

Sedulous Rouse : "The Valley Beyond" CD 2016 self produced.
Sedulous Rouse : "The Valley Beyond" CD 2016 self produced.
Sedulous Rouse : “The Valley Beyond” CD 2016 self produced.

Sedulous Rouse : “The Valley Beyond” CD 2016 self-produced. Australian Death Metal band. The band sent me their album at the end of the year 2017 so it’s a bit special to review that album when they obviously moved on with different logo design etc if you check their facebook page. This could be described as a “project” as it varies from song to song and have different musical influences sometimes more into the edge of Black Metal with the raw voice and fast tempos, sometimes to the Heavy side with a slower moderate tempo and different vocals.

The front cover has an inverted color like bringing a sad touch to it while the back as a beautiful hot colorful sunset. Inside rather than a booklet you have a small poster in four pieces , the band seems to be into flying insects such as fly etc…as they even made it their logo. On one side of the poster you have the lyrics with an eye like design with that fly inside. On the over side the cover album, a very close pic of a fly eating another insect, a beautiful photo from a river and the forest surrounding it. The last part with credits etc..

It’s an original piece on itself I’m not used to see from bands which give them a high point for being original , while the band logo wasn’t defined yet  they already had an idea of what the image could be.  Starting with a song called “Brutal by Nature” , “For Crimes Unpunished” .. you know where you’re going to and what to expect. Yet the fifth track”Blood of the Human Spirit”  is completely different and the intro has that indian touch and goes deep dark into a kinda New Wave / Gothic style that express the feeling of the lyrics.

So you have ten tracks  with two instrumentals, one music style rooted but adding emotions to each songs with specific lyrics such as “Relentless Oppression” , “Killed by Hate” is flowing in many music styles direction. If it’s hard to get into Sedulous Rouse universe, digging the lyrics and listening to the message they bring it can be understood.

So you can have a little hint by visiting their bandcamp page to make yourself and idea and buy their album, an interesting concept that needs to be checked 92/100.

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