Carthagods : “The Monster In Me” CD 26th April 2019 Darkside Records.

Carthagods : "The Monster In Me" CD 26th April 2019 Darkside Records.
Carthagods : "The Monster In Me" CD 26th April 2019 Darkside Records.
Carthagods : “The Monster In Me” CD 26th April 2019 Darkside Records.

Carthagods : “The Monster In Me” CD 26th April 2019 Darkside Records. Tunisian Heavy Metal band. How to rewrite a legendary cover artwork into a fresh new one?! well here is a band that found a way. At first it looks like a Death Metal album, but once you have listened to those amazing songs it gets such power. You will love this band!

In the same vein of the idea from Exodus ‘bonded by blood’ the artist had combined two persons we have inside. Pretty good to follow the title of the album which is the second song of the album. Lots of colors and powerful feel with details giving you an idea of what’s inside.

Third release of this amazing band that released two albums and always have guests that talk to everyone. When you read their bio, they went through some serial changes and dramas. Fortunately they kept their love into the music and with a brand new line up released this amazing album.

For those who know the band from the beginning they may hear the difference. For me it is the first time I hear this band , how come I never heard of them when they started in the late nineties? The press maybe.. Anyway the first listen and the first tracks and you go wow! This is a blasting power in your face.

The strength of this band is the singer Mahdi MKhema Khemakhem who has such a powerful voice, it drives your head with madness and kick ass like  many known great singers. Also singing in a band Outrage , and many other activities, he is a very passionate guy and deserves recognition.

What is making this band out of the ordinary and must be loved in the Metal world, his the fact he is sharing vocal lines with other singers as sharing work with other legends. “The Monster in Me” as been mastered by Mika Jussila ( Nightwish , HIM , Stratovarius … ) , Produced and arranged by Timo Somers , Mixed by Bas Trumpie and Imre Beerends at Mantis Audio ( Delain )  probably why this album is such a powerful one.

With his dedication , he ‘s surrounding himself with great musicians and professionals that make Carthagods on the top of the worldwide bands that gets attention those days. And will leave a trace.

Have a listen :

“The Devil’s Doll” is the third track on the album, live it sounds close to the earliest version  while the one on the new album is a bit more explosive. The reason why this album is also loveable to anyone who loves music is the fact it is not just a Heavy Metal album, it has growl voice playing the evil part of the human being. Mikael Stanne ( Dark Tranquillity) and Mark Jansen ( Epica/MaYan) are giving those heavy dark voices to express the feel and give that atmosphere opening wild open the boundaries of Metal genres.

Eight powerful songs going from Power Heavy Metal to Black Metal edges as Symphonic ones. Mixing all influences from diverse music styles such as Rock, Progressive etc… A combination of music that all lovers such myself dive in with love and passion. Amazing solos, melodies, it has it all.

The last track “The Rebirth” has that type of Symphonic vibe  reminding passages from Within Temptation ‘Mother earth’ to jump into soundtracks reminding Marvels intros all this Orchestral and Keys done By Vikram Shankar . A pure beauty ending with notes on the piano! 

Influences ranging from Judas Priest, Neil Turbin, Sons of Apollo , Iced Earth, Dimmu Borgir, Metallica, Behemoth, Dire Strait, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Dio…A piece of musical art to own with no hesitation 98/100.

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