Hellride : “Goodbyes To Forever” CD 17th April 2020 Fastball Music.

Hellride : "Goodbyes To Forever" CD 17th April 2020 Fastball Music.
Hellride : "Goodbyes To Forever" CD 17th April 2020 Fastball Music.
Hellride : "Goodbyes To Forever" CD 17th April 2020 Fastball Music.
Hellride : “Goodbyes To Forever” CD 17th April 2020 Fastball Music.

Hellride : “Goodbyes To Forever” CD 17th April 2020 Fastball Music. German Acoustic Rock / Heavy Metal band. 

It is amazing what music is now going through, we first had a band who was covering Metallica with acoustic instruments that always have been into the Classical music style. We tend to set bands as instruments into a style. Great musicians have shown us that an instrument is not created for one music genre. In the nineties Thrash Metal bands have been using orchestra groups to melt music into a different path that mostly the masses are setting into. 

It is always Metal music and its individuals who have the most opened minded , to not set boundaries and like to try things. Music is life, something you get through you and can lift up your soul to better place. In 2010 Hellride decided to play everything on acoustic guitars. They have played a lot of live shows and made a strong image that leaves a trace in the music world. 

This resulted in an amazing adventure for those three talented musicians who have opened the mind and love of many Metal Heads around the world. With powerful songs , a great singer melting the late sixties Pop / Rock into one of a hell Heavy Metal band to kick the world. Using electro acoustic sounds , they pushed the usual playing into a monster kick ass tunes that will make electric guitarists think about other possibilities.

This album regroups a lots of influences from the sixties to the nineties music styles. It is a real pleasure to listen to this album. it kind of show people who were not born in those years that music is an evolution with the same notes. You will hear that it is all a question of distortion and sounds. Here with just a voice and acoustic guitars you have all the elements of what gives the recipe of great music.

Have a hint, this was out in 2014 with an amazing drummer and once again at the end of this new album :

The first album came out in 2013 and got a great feedback, yet life is life and not every musicians have the possibilities to go further. The band then decided to release this second album after seven years of hiatus. Adding fun and strong real lyrics messages for those who really care. A cool Rod Stewarts cover song. A voice talking like a movie exert, spreading strong message. A funny cartoon voice, like if Bugs Bunny was a guest on the album. Covering all the stupid hatred as discussion without sense on social medias.

“Goodbyes To Forever” is a musical history in the acoustic way

Influences ranging from Pink Floyd, Dio, Iced Earth, The Who, The Beatles, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Canned Heat, Cat Stevens..a history of music! You will love it like I do.

Hellride blow us away with this amazing album composed of two acoustic guitars and one brilliant singer. Speaking the truth with fun and love for the music. You must have this album to get those musicians a chance to keep going to blow your speakers with melodies and heart 100/100.

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