Exess : “Deus Ex Machina” CD 1st May 2020 Fastball Music.

Exess : "Deus Ex Machina" CD 1st May 2020 Fastball Music.
Exess : "Deus Ex Machina" CD 1st May 2020 Fastball Music.
Exess : "Deus Ex Machina" CD 1st May 2020 Fastball Music.
Exess : “Deus Ex Machina” CD 1st May 2020 Fastball Music.

Exess : “Deus Ex Machina” CD 1st May 2020 Fastball Music. Switzerland Pop / Rock / Progressive / Metal band.

Céline Bart is a melodic singer with emotions to get you captivated by her lyrics. Stéphane Froidevaux the guitarist is playing with the emotions too, sometimes having soft distortion coming straight from the amp and sometimes pushing a bit louder to kick the songs. David Pauli on bass, is following the vibe with the soft notes to give colors, like most bass player do. You must be listening to carefully to hear his parts. Alan Montanari hitting gently is drum to give the rocking feel.

For those who love nice and soft music, Exess is the right band for you. Soft rock to blast your ears with love. A little progressive parts with inverted chords and jazzy ones. Their blend of Pop / Rock will gain many listeners and lovers and will probably be aired on radio as TV. Most of the album is very relaxing when you get a kick at the end with a metal song,  right in your face and a popular hit from the nineties as a cover bonus with a little creation.

For sure Exess shows they know how to create good music and they are not limited by what they can play. Pretty hard to pigeon all, their music is really soft and Celine ‘s voice is like a siren, takes you nicely into a better place. A bit of grungy guitar sound, they have hints of many styles into their own creations. This is so good to listen to a band and not being able to catch influences. It is so relaxing, a great Rock band to spread all other the planet. 

Melodies, groove and entertaining band to rock your day. Make up your mind :

Nine songs with a lovely feeling, and two on a very different path. With the songs you can imagine all the influences each member has. “Cheysalis” , ” Find a Shelter” , Pay no Mind” … each songs has a pretty nice feel and vibe that will get you enjoy this band and love it so much. You will play this album many times. 

Influences ranging from Pantera, Natalie Umbreglia, Metallica, Vixen, Incognito Theory, Heart, Blue Oyster Cult, Faith Nomore,Pink Floyd, Sade, Red Hot Chilli Peppers.. I have difficulties to find out which band they remind me of but I am sure you will. That soft voice enchants me. 

I just can say this is an awesome rocking album, they will gain lots of fans for sure. Some hits will be airing on radios , out of the boundaries they will reach a wide range of people. Beautiful and good for your mind, you must get this album to rock your days 100/100.

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