Demonhead : “Black Devil Lies” CD 3rd April 2020 Fastball Music.

Demonhead : "Black Devil Lies" CD 3rd April 2020 Fastball Music.
Demonhead : "Black Devil Lies" CD 3rd April 2020 Fastball Music.
Demonhead : “Black Devil Lies” CD 3rd April 2020 Fastball Music.

Demonhead : “Black Devil Lies” CD 3rd April 2020 Fastball Music. Australia Heavy / Thrash Metal band.

Started in 2007, releasing their first album eight years later in 2015. As many bands they had line up issues but managed to get a band for the release of the second album five  years later. In 2019 they have made this new album, that will be released this year from the great label who has a great roaster. For a band that comes from Punk, this is pretty amazing to hear such a powerful album with a good eighties sound!

Nice cover artwork with a beautiful logo, this band has reached the perfection. Heavy clean sound to enjoy the vocals as the music, a great combination to get the best album done. The most is there are three bonus songs , with a live one at the end. Plenty of great songs for your pleasure. Any fans who have been following the band, will love this album. The force of their compositions lies on the mix of tunes from Heavy Metal to Thrash Metal , that gave the bands we know.

A brilliant album that is nice to enjoy and listen to, pretty different from todays bands with screaming and growls.Very enjoyable to get back to those late eighties mix of Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal tunes that gives Demonhead‘s brilliant second album. Excellent compositions , great vocals. I think Australia can be proud of their bands. While you can hear bits of influences here and there, they manage to make their own sound on an album you are listening to with lots of pleasure. 

Dave Lowes is singing with such a nice voice, having many melodies and this is not easy when you play guitar. His abilities to have many styles giving you few influences from many bands helping you to dive into the music and lyrics. Heavy and powerful, the compositions take your attention all the way through. You can only mosh and love the great tunes. Brilliant solos , with Rüe Power the guitar duo makes a good combination.

The band has played lots of live shows around the country so they got already a good fan base in their own country. The album is giving you the punch the band must be giving in live areas to the public. Awaits from blasting tunes to give you a hint of what to expect on their live gigs. Pretty tight and very well skilled , each song takes you to an amazing world of feelings. In fact once you have played the album, you just can’t stop it and play it again ! A sort of addiction, such a good sound this album will set up on the highest standard worldwide and they will for sure join the ranks of the biggest bands.

Just listen to this track :

Thirteen tracks to get you in the mood of rocking and moshing. Demonhead has released an amazing piece of music that will stay for a long time. When you hear what they can do after two albums you can imagine they will be here for decades. If the recipe of success is mixing many elements to the table from the past, they found the right one! For the new kids they will love this band and worship them while they are just keeping the roots of music alive for decades to come.

Influences ranging from : Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, Led Zeppelin, White Lion, Annihilator, Metallica, Absolva, Pantera, Megadeth, Savage Messiah, Heathen….At the end they made a sound that is so good, they just created a cool vibe to mosh you down. Many people from diverse univers will head bang for sure 98/100.

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