Malefistum : “Enemy” CD 15th May 2020 Fastball Music.

Malefistum : "Enemy" CD 15th May 2020 Fastball Music.
Malefistum : "Enemy" CD 15th May 2020 Fastball Music.
Malefistum : "Enemy" CD 15th May 2020 Fastball Music.
Malefistum : “Enemy” CD 15th May 2020 Fastball Music.

Malefistum : “Enemy” CD 15th May 2020 Fastball Music. Symphonic Black Metal band.

When a band is formed from diverse musicians from other bands, it gives a special touch to it. Entertaining and powerful, after a nice little intro you get directly into the vibe of this explosive band. Melodic vocals, growling ones and fast tempos with keyboards and double bass drums. A cover artwork that leave your imagination working, it gives this shadow dark spirit taking your soul without compromise.

Right into what people are listening to into the Metal world today, a combination of melodies and harsh vocals with blasting riffs. Malefistum is giving what the masses wants, they certainly will get the crowd moving at live festivals. The band’s logo and the music is mostly into the extreme side of Metal, with a nice melodic touch to set them apart from scene.  Yet nothing new with this kind of band, you can only appreciate the will to get people shaking and having a good time.

Fast tempos and easy listening lyrics, it is intended to get the fans singing along. Most of the songs are pretty short in length, in the average of three to four minutes and two are around six to seven minutes long. So if you dig the album you may have to play it many times in a day to enjoy yourself. Some folk passages giving this album a twist of dancing thinking of those warm places in the woods with people having a good time. You are embarked into a boat fighting the storms in the sea with warriors.

The seventh song change the vibe and style , it gives a fresh air into this crazy fast speed madness. So after that song the next song until the end is moving towards different vibes. The growling voice is most present in most of the songs. The mix between female and male vocals gives a taint that helps opening a door to diverse universes. Since the band wants to be in the fast tempo world, the eleventh song is back onto the blasting madness. The last song is a mix of the madness and beauty.

Have a listen :

A beautiful booklet with great designs among the lyrics. A good feeling of fairy tales, a special world leading your imagination. This band has released a great and interesting album, a great work to get all those artists together. The project of Jen Faber (Dawn of Destiny, Exos, Uniting Sound Media ) playing guitar, bass, keyboards, Piano and backing vocals. A man who can create such a piece among guest vocalists Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum, Rage Of Light) , Eric Dow (Fatal Illness Management, Rotted Brain Records, Battlefront, Helsott) , Federica Lanna (Sleeping Romance) , Zagan (Black Messiah). John S on drums.

The amazing work from all those musicians brings a special band that gets into many styles while keeping a foot in the extreme genre. There will be at least one song you will for sure love.

Influences ranging from : Astarte, Amaranhe, Imperial Age, Within Temptatioin, Mike Old Field, Opera IX, Alestorm…You will find all the link to your favorite bands in Malefistus music. A good entertaining album to blast the Metal world and will gain lots of fans 96/100.

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