Lutharo : “Wings of Agony” Digital & CD 27th March 2020 Self Released.

Lutharo : "Wings of Agony" Digital & CD 27th March 2020 Self Released.
Lutharo : "Wings of Agony" Digital & CD 27th March 2020 Self Released.
Lutharo : “Wings of Agony” Digital & CD 27th March 2020 Self Released.

Lutharo : “Wings of Agony” Digital & CD 27th March 2020 Self Released. Canada Heavy / Thrash / Death Metal band.

It is so good to hear new bands who brings a new fresh vibe when everything has been done. I am on my ass and this is how I discover this new album! When you think it is over, you end up getting blown away by powerful bands like Lutharo. Punchy riffs, blasting solos, pounding drums and a lady that mix melodic tunes with growling ones with perfection. The only negative point is this is the second mini album so it doesn’t last long. The great point is of course you will , like me , play it over and over again.

This is such a bloody good band. Mixing the old good Heavy Metal tunes, Thrash Metal attacks and power with the Death Metal growls with fast riffs. A band that managed to mix three Metal styles that simply show in one band the evolution of Metal music. Like Krista Shipperbottom says : “it’s like Heavy , Thrash, and Death made a baby

Impressive vocals, from high pitch Heavy Metal melodies to Growls blowing your mind, Krista is astonishing singer. The two guitarists, Victor Bucur and John Raposo are so awesome leading both excellent parts. Thrashing like maniacs they brave the fast tempos as the heavy moshing moments with great vibe. Pounding drums from Duval Gabraiel , and groove on bass from Chris Pacey. This formation is a top notch one!

Awesome musicians who composed brilliant songs, the mixes are done properly and the vocal melodies bring a very good color to it. You can hear they have skills. Once again another five tracks mini album, can’t wait for a complete album such those kick my days with pleasure.  I can’t stop listening to those , it’s like an addiction with such power and melodies. One band that deserves lots of spreading for sure.

Lyrics sending you into stories taken from reality and also can make you imagine movies. Perfect mix and perfect covers, Lutharo is a perfect band to love and to support. You soon will have this brilliant min ep in your hand, but if you can’t wait you can still order from their bandcamp page! I have as I’m addicted.

Check this video  :

Track by track explanation by the band:

1. Barren is a song about someone who has no passion or drive in their life so they end up physically dissecting other humans that are super motivated to see what the secret to their happiness is.

2. Diamond Back is about doing whatever it takes to pursue your passion and growing a thicker skin in the process of doing so.

3. Blood Lightning is about spilling your heart and soul into your passion and begging to finally see some success from it after its been mentally and physically draining you.

4. Will To Survive is about people making you pay for your success while also belittling you and doubting your ability to succeed.

5. Wings of Agony is a song about the never-ending struggle to pursue a passion. In one moment you are feeling like you are soaring on cloud nine, things are going your way and you exude confidence. Then by the flip of a switch, you enter a moment of darkness where you feel lost and hopeless never knowing when the light at the end of the tunnel will return. This is the never-ending cycle we embrace because we would rather be tortured in the process of pursuing our dreams than to give up on them.

Five tracks of pure Metal explosion to blast your days with pleasure. Influences : Kobra and Lotus, Mortuary, Blade Killer, Iron Maiden, Rottentown, Chaos Rising, Opera IX, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Exodus, Flotsam & Jetsam , Sacred Reich, Testament 

A masterpiece not to be missed, an album that will stay in music history for long. One of the best surprise for March 100/100.

Mixed by: Tyler Williams (Monolithic Productions )
Mastered by: Lasse Lammert
Album Artwork by: Costin Chioreanu

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