Reign : “Destitute” CD 23rd November 2018 Self Released.

Reign : "Destitute" CD 23rd November 2018 Self Released.
Reign : "Destitute" CD 23rd November 2018 Self Released.
Reign : “Destitute” CD 23rd November 2018 Self Released.

Reign : “Destitute” CD 23rd November 2018 Self Released. USA Thrash Metal band. Hailing from Chicago, the guys are bringing what was once the technical yet heavy and melodic riffs that got the style it’s identity to rule the Metal world. This is with this powerful playing to hit the scene , that Reign is setting them aside from today’s scene which has nothing new to propose.

Well worked and written this album is a masterpiece on its own. The first track being in fact like two , lasting ten minutes long feels like you are embarked into a journey of your mind exploration. This is straight to the point message that gets right into your brain and leaves a trace. It is not the usual album you listen to like a spear time of your day to just enjoy a time of peace.

It actually is like a mathematical equation that rings note to note facing the dimension of what music is about. If their composition aren’t what people could call original, it takes its roots from the early days of Metal and explores the years of decades from technical musicians who left a trace in the world for centuries.

With the heavy riffs sometimes reminding Sacred Reich, Anthrax or Dark Angel the other side of tech such as Coroner, Mekong Delta and even Shuck Shuldiner ‘s Death combination get this album on top of many giving the highest potential of what a Thrash Metal album can be.

I let you enjoy this song :

Seven songs with the sixth one being again a long one. Twelve minutes long “As life Unfolds” sends you into a journey of space and feelings, reminding a slight touch of Death albums with still that thrashy riffs. This album will be loved by guitarists and thrashers around the world. A bit of Annihilator heavy feel, and a reminder of Testament ‘s passages.

Some will get lot of influences from Atheist to Kreator, Atrophy…and a taint of Death Metal bands who have crossed the path to the evolution from Thrash Metal. What we can say is they are using tons of awesome parts and riffs to get you addicted by their awesome compositions.

Destitute is their third album since they started six years ago and we can say they have arrived to the point of perfection with this album. While the cover artwork may make you think of those strange artwork the Psychologist shows in the movies, it really has some powerful meaning getting your mind thinking.

You can get your hand on their excellent album on their Bandcamp page, this is a masterpiece to own so get it now 100/100.


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