Mezcla : “Metalmorfosis” CD & Digital 24th November 2016 M.U.S.I.C. Records.

Mezcla : "Metalmorfosis" CD & Digital 24th November 2016 M.U.S.I.C. Records.
Mezcla : "Metalmorfosis" CD & Digital 24th November 2016 M.U.S.I.C. Records.
Mezcla : “Metalmorfosis” CD & Digital 24th November 2016 M.U.S.I.C. Records.

Mezcla : “Metalmorfosis” CD & Digital 24th November 2016 M.U.S.I.C. Records. French Thrash Metal band. Started back in 2008, they managed to get a recognition in their homeland as in Europe. This is the fourth album and what you can see from the cover they really make it soft and straight to the point helping catching the eye, it reminds me some comic book artists who like to express hard feelings with few lines. Also the title album is well expressed from the theme they used to create the main storyline.

Nine tracks with powerful riffs and heavy tunes to spread their venom to the masses. Using their Spanish roots mixed with the French ones that gives a color to make this band apart from the others. Check the video to get an idea of their world :

They played live with bands such as L’esprit du clan, Tagada Jones, No Return,Hypnose, ADX…and should rise the Metal Festivals to expand their interesting sound. The Spanish vocals are giving the band a different approach and the music is kicking straight from the first song , ” Criatures Indeseables” with heavy guitars, pounding bass and groovy tech compositions reminding sometimes Grip Inc, Coroner, Mekong Delta, with the classical guitar part to end gently the track.

The second song “Sangre Y arena” is bringing you into speed for few minutes to slow down with melodic solos having an edge of Kreator, the music has moods to speak and express the idea of the lyrics. There is a strong work of creation for each track that makes a really interesting touch to this band. Some influence from Metallica “Master..”, Megadeth “Rust..”. The band is calling themselves Death Metal with Famenco but it is really a Thrash band with classical guitar parts reminding the good eighties bands who tried to evolve and  give something else than just pounding riffs from start to finish.

I can tell you this band is one of the few to follow and support, I haven’t heard their previous records so maybe they started more into the Death Metal style but this album is not one. I really love those compositions that makes Mezcla unique with their own sound. The eighth song “Lusurpateur” the only French song, is a pure fantastic piece reminding the band Death at some point with those technic guitars riffs. So every thrashers should own this excellent album to their music collection , it’s a masterpiece with excellent musicians and well created songs 100/100.

Order the album as CD from the band at gigs,  or digital from the label webstore  Music-Records :  , available on any digital platform!

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