Aghora : “Entheogenic Frequencies” 29th December 2019 Dobles Audio Production.

Aghora : "Entheogenic Frequencies" 29th December 2019 Self Released.
Aghora : "Entheogenic Frequencies" 29th December 2019 Self Released.
Aghora : "Entheogenic Frequencies" 29th December 2019 Self Released.
Aghora : “Entheogenic Frequencies” 29th December 2019 Dobles Audio Production.

Aghora : “Entheogenic Frequencies” 29th December 2019 Dobles Audio Production. USA Progressive / Death Metal band. 

Florida technical musicians have just released a piece of art visually and for the pleasure of the ears. Formed in 1995 the band went through line up changes , they used to have a singer. This third album was set for 2009 , so ten years ago. The band also once has been signed by a label Season Of Mist. Due to many issues in life , the band has been in a hiatus; but is back with a pearl in the progressive genre.

Santiago Dobles the guitarist behind this formation and creation, is still giving life to this band and so Aghora is here to stay. Music Editor, Producer, Audio TV Post Production at Aisha Enterprises, Inc, works at Dobles Audio Production  he is very busy guy.  With all these skills, the man managed to give us an instrumental album full of music.  Indian vibe at some points, blasting drumming, melodies such as modern shredders.

Entheogenic Frequencies

The album “Entheogenic Frequencies” speaks to anyone who loves perfection with instruments played at their best. The cover artwork invites us to flow through our spirit, lots of details that matches pretty well the music. This is progressive music with different tempos, melodies and getting those jazzy bits here and there. While the first songs are much into the Death Metal era, from the fourth song it goes much more into the solo guitarists albums alike. You are immersed into a a world of senses touching deep into your feelings, music coming from all parts of the world. 

Heavy tunes with technical aspect, gentle keyboard touches. Tremendous work done for an album, lots of pieces put together giving this a brilliant art of music. The complexity for this music style is generally given to those who are excellent musicians , stepping out of the usual boundaries. It is much difficult to set Aghora into a music box style. This is an eargasm for those who loves complication with a desire to write something special and different. Hard work into compositions , mastering the skills to perform those creations with a complete line up.

“Santiago Dobles the guitarist behind this formation and creation”

Shredders fans will love it, technics speak for themselves. The bass is like talking to you, very strong and different from most bands. It is a message spoken from each instruments and sometimes give a powerful emphasis that explose into your brain. Like following the neural activity into your brain, the music flows with your sells in an interesting journey into the abyss of your soul. 

Dive in and let yourself go :

This song must have taken you away from this life.  Influences : Death, Cynic, Athiest, Peter Gabriel, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, Testament, Racer X, Cacophony, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Shakti, Jai Uttal, L Shankar, Zakir Hussein, Trilok Gurt… So many to find but at the end it is just a good Aghora album with amazing musicians !

Eight tracks to blow you away and hear something amazingly created, those instrumental albums never cease to impress me. Originality and the search for different approach of the music we are used to hear, is way beyond our imagination. You can buy this masterpiece at CD BABY  100/100!

Drums: Matt Thompson  (King Diamond)

Bass: Alan Goldstein 

Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Banjo, Keyboards: Santiago Dobles

Orchestration & Keyboards: Gustavo Dobles

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Santiago Dobles

Drums Recorded by Alex Gerst Indian Trail recording studio

Keyboards and Orchestration recorded by Gustavo Dobles

Mastered by Freddy Gonzalez THE LAB MASTERING ROOM

Artwork by Santiago Jaramillo from TRIPLE SEIS DESIGN

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