Deadrisen : ‘Self Titled” CD 13th March 2020 AFM Records.

Deadrisen : 'Self Titled" CD 13th March 2020 AFM Records.
Deadrisen : 'Self Titled" CD 13th March 2020 AFM Records.
Deadrisen : 'Self Titled" CD 13th March 2020 AFM Records.
Deadrisen : ‘Self Titled” CD 13th March 2020 AFM Records.

Deadrisen : ‘Self Titled” CD 13th March 2020 AFM Records. USA Hard Rock / Heavy / Thrash / Progressive / Metal band.

They are some musicians we always find when discovering a very good band. It happens no matter how hard they work, they manage to get into many awesome bands on the planet. I guess you know who I am talking about, sir Mike LePond!  He is in many bands that got an album out in 2020. A hard at work musician pounding the bass everywhere he can to lay down some great parts that get he’s signature flowing in many band’s blood.

The great thing about it , is Mike plays in many different styles and don’t stick to just one. Although we know him from his famous band Symphony X , he likes to be in Thrash  and Power Metal bands too but not only. Having his own band and albums Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins, he plays also on Ross the Boss band , Incognito Theory , Rivera Bomma Band and many more.

After saying this, he just got into an awesome new band formed with a group of talented players and singer . It obviously took time but they released an album that blows you away. Melodies, punchy riffs, strong power.. it has it all! From the Seventies Hard Rock to the eighties Thrash and of course a mix of Progressive touch. This new album will be loved by many if not the world.

Deadrisen, although having a name that kind of talks to itself. Brings back the great tunes that created the best years of music in one single album. Of course this couldn’t be possible with only one guy, so Mike and Rod Rivera (Rivera Bomma Band) teamed up to bring us this masterpiece. Rod being active for decades in music,  and also knowing many music styles as a guitarist. He is able to give colors in every music albums he plays in.

Those two musicians know each others for a long time and it is natural to see them sharing once again compositions for another band. Tony Stahl (Livesay) is on keyboard melting those sounds that lightens some tracks. He also gives that Progressive touch , which even changes a bit a very known song they covered at the end from Metallica.

I let you enjoy this song :

You can hear the awesome voice of Will Shaw ( Lock Up The Wolves “The Ultimate Dio Tribute”, Ayreon , Heir Apparent , Abodean Skye , Athem ) , who as you see is such a good singer he is also in many bands. The formation couldn’t be complete with the addition of Dan Prestup (Everdawn, Empire On Fire ) on drums. 

Here we have again an amazing album that will stick in music history, composed with amazing musicians. A great cover artwork to get you inspired by what’s inside. Many influences you will find and here, from DIO, Tesla, Dokken, Deep Purple, PinkFloyd, Yes, Toxik, Flotsam and Jetsam, Lethal, Mr Big, FM and so on. A real music history in one album for the pleasure of every one who loves music. A must have 100/100.

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