Wonderworld :”III” CD 19th June 2018 Sliptrick Records.

Wonderworld :"III" CD 19th June 2018 Sliptrick Records.
Wonderworld :"III" CD 19th June 2018 Sliptrick Records.
Wonderworld :"III" CD 19th June 2018 Sliptrick Records.
Wonderworld :”III” CD 19th June 2018 Sliptrick Records.

Wonderworld :”III” CD 19th June 2018 Sliptrick Records. Italian / Norway Heavy Metal band. It is known that trio bands are usually as powerful if not better than normal bands with five members. Don’t ask me why but I can remember band like The Stray Cats I saw live back in late eighties and they kicked the place. In Metal we have this with Motorhead, Destruction etc… I just want to point out that some bands who are really good don’t need to have  many members to kick your ass. Unusual cover album that has some kind of wondering about what to expect but the result is just perfect.

I must say that this band is “The Shit” as an expression used a lot to describe an awesome act that blew your mind. From the first note you are like “Wow I love this band”! The amazing singer Roberto Tiranti , who is also playing the bass, is a top one good singer. It’s the first time I hear this man’s voice and man it just gets in your guts such it has power and emotional feel that really lift up the whole album. Since the album he has shaved his head so ladies who loves him well he has no longer his long hair…

Never less he has vocal ability that really show how he can modulate and sing perfectly any tunes. His voice may remind many good singers from Joey Tempest, to Don Dokken , Ian Gillian… but that’s just a bit to give you the feel of his melodic voice.

The guitarist Ken Ingwersen is an extraordinary one. Reminding Doug Aldrich guitarist who can play rock and blues tunes with an ease that melt so nicely that gets the tunes more loveable. He also plays with known scales that Joe Satriani used on his album ” The Extremist”...

Tom Fossheim the drummer of this three piece monster band just is at his place, having a style from Jazz to Blues and Rock he definitively brings a strong power to this team.

Here is a great video to capture your ears and fall in love with the band :

So now you have been addicted then you need to buy their albums and simply follow those awesome musicians. If like me you have been blown away believe me the album is just a masterpiece like we haven’t heard in decades. Mastered by Bjorn Engelmann at Cutting Room in Stockholm is another reason why this album is a blast.

Influences are from the seventies to the eighties with the today’s sound that makes it a masterpiece. Ranging from Deep Purple, Whistesnake, Europe, Satriani, Mr Big, Dokken, Dead Daisies, Shark Island, Pink Floyd, Dire Strait, Bonham….. it is just pure honey for your ears. Those guys are amazing musicians and this band is just on top of the charts for me, a masterpiece to play a lot 100/100.


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