Garden of Sinners : “Truthsayers” CD Self Released 22nd May 2018.

Garden of Sinners : "Truthsayers" CD Self Released 22nd May 2018.
Garden of Sinners : "Truthsayers" CD Self Released 22nd May 2018.
Garden of Sinners : "Truthsayers" CD Self Released 22nd May 2018.
Garden of Sinners : “Truthsayers” CD Self Released 22nd May 2018.

Garden of Sinners : “Truthsayers” CD Self Released 22nd May 2018. French Heavy / Power Metal band. This is the first time I find a band from my city using facebook! I was on my ass to discover the band , but most when I heard they were releasing an album. I was really amazed. Thierry Villard the main composer and guitarist, was happy too as metalheads are rare around. He made me listen to one song that was mixed few months before the album was released and I straight away felt in love with his band.

His wife the second guitarist Lizee Bauwens, is mostly playing the rhythms but sometimes gives us a little solo that will capture your ears, since they both are good players and she also do the backing vocals. Two married musicians living their love in their own band is just magic. They have done a super job to make sure they release a pearl in the Metal universe. Believe me they really worked hard.

The difficulties to find a good singer and a bass player that would stick to the commitments made them to “delay” the album to come out. They finally found a great singer in Guy J.Boutet a fan of Dio! An awesome bass player Descubes Max who is a passionate one, and that matters a lot for a band and is necessary.

The drummer is playing in many bands so we just can wish them to keep him but a bands history is always troubled… Edgar Decrolière who is also playing : guitar … yep see the videos .

So they managed to get a complete line up to be able to play live songs from this awesome album. They are on the way to conquer the world. Eleven tracks of pure intense Heavy Metal right in your face with melodic vocals and  riffs with power that blast your ears. Not to mention the awesome artwork done by J.P Fournier , the booklet as the whole package is brilliant and will be kept preciously in collectors shelves. Mixed by Sylvain Rouviere and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studio in Finland.

Everything done such professionally we can only greet them and give credits for a brillant first album. Have a listen :

So you love it already? that is normal ! They are fans of Gamma Ray , but their compositions are just like you heard them thousand times before and so it gets in your mind instantly. Eleven songs to send you into happiness and pleasure world. From the first track “Downfall” until the end you will shake your butty. “Savage” , “Ignition” , “In this land”..; they are all magic with power and glory.

The most important is you will all get influences getting out while listening to this album, from Iron Maiden, Helloween, Gaia Epicus, Silent Knight, Megadeth, Mercyful Fate, Primal Fear, WASP, Quiet Riot, RAM, DIo, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne,Metallica …This is pure Heavy Metal!!! They have the energy and sound from the 80’s to today’s power , just buy it 100/100.

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