Gus G : “Fearless” CD & LP 20th April 2018 AFM Records.

Gus G : "Fearless" CD & LP 20th April 2018 AFM Records.
Gus G : "Fearless" CD & LP 20th April 2018 AFM Records.
Gus G : "Fearless" CD & LP 20th April 2018 AFM Records.
Gus G : “Fearless” CD & LP 20th April 2018 AFM Records.

Gus G : “Fearless” CD & LP 20th April 2018 AFM Records. AOR / Hard Rock / Prog Metal band. This furioso talented guitarist is back with his own band. While he is on the cover , this album is no way a solo album , even though his powerful guitar technics are pretty well present. You must listen to this formation as a three piece band. Each musician must be taken seriously as they are a strong part of this piece of artwork that brings awesome songs.

Dennis Ward singing and playing bass (Pink cream 69, Unisonic) giving melodies and light feeling such as a cloud passing over your head slowly.  Yet powerful and energetic vocals lifting up the songs that catches your breath to get focused on the tornado of senses and emotions crossing your body.

Will Hunt drums (Evanescence, Black Label Society) the driving force behind the machine, explodes all the songs with a powerful strength giving a strong intensity to the whole. Added to the solos it just runs like it wants to get to the next track. In a way that you will play the album several times to get that sensation of great feelings telling you your life is good.

The song “Fearless” the fourth track has a melody heard in Joe Satriani ‘s albums, mixed with some typing reminding the great Billy Sheehan style. This song is an instrumental one with power and melodies bringing back to his earliest formation Firewind in which he excelled as a virtuoso with heavy riffs. “Thrill Of the Chase” the eighth track is another solo one that proves how he manages to get so many creativity as a guitarist, every shredder will love it.

Check this song and get blown away :

Ten songs of intense and lovely melodies and catchy riffs the way it has to be, Gus G is offering a brilliant album. There is just a surprise that is not really on the same line of the rest of the other songs. I guess it was a kind of fun and little taste to let you know he can play anything by revisiting a Dire Strait song.

Influences ranging from Dokken , Georges Lynch style, Ozzy Osbourne, Sammy Hagar, Whitesnake , David Coverdale, Def Leppard, Joe Elliot, Bonham, Y&T

Great mix and compositions, it is light and heavy at the same time to please all music lovers with no boundaries. Three amazing musicians who quite fit well together and create an awesome piece of music artwork 100/100.

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