The Metal Music GlobalAlliance Compilation vol4

The Metal Music GlobalAlliance Compilation vol4
The Metal Music GlobalAlliance Compilation vol4
The Metal Music GlobalAlliance Compilation vol4

The Metal Music GlobalAlliance Compilation vol4 

Slovakia company releasing online digital compilation to spread the underground bands around the world. Vol 4 has been released in early 2020 around February or so. Label, events and production agency in Europe. dedicated to the music , they are doing lots of great things to support the scene via an amazing website.

Regrouping in one compilation eighteen bands from thirteen countries. A must have to discover and follow all these bands. Awesome cover artwork, amazing dedication and brilliant idea! What is best about it? It’s free from the website!!!

A brilliant compilation, starting smoothly to go through music styles and ends up with extreme Metal bands. A pleasure for the ears and a great way to spread and discover many bands. Gothic, Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal.. Bands from all over the world! Thirteen countries blasting the tunes in their own hearts, giving a nice color to the compilation.

Discover them one by one and love them !

The first song is from Unseelie :

Second track Access Denied  :

Third track Black Sweet :

Fourth track Ravenclaw :

 Fifth track Garden Of Sinners

Sixth track The Metallian : (the song on the compilation couldn’t be found so I share you the one song on their website)

Do You Ever See The Stars” (click the song)

Seventh track Celtic Hills : (the band also appeared on an older compilation so once again hard to find the song on this one)


Eighth track Slight Lie :

Song taken on your bandcamp page = ‘Countdown

Ninth track Power 5 :

Tenth track Ghost Warfare

Eleventh track V Hajd :

Twelfth track Alkonholica L.C :

Thirteen track Absorb : (there is no title so I couldn’t find the one on the compilation)

Fourteen track Astatrot : (they are few bands with that name and although there is one in a brutal metal style, I couldn’t find the song on the compilation)

Fifteen track Vane : (Listen to the song on their bancamp page = ‘Ye Scallywags’

Sixteenth track Blood Of Angels :

Seventeenth track Suicide Machine :

Eighteenth track Humanicide : (Sorry couldn’t find correct links)

The compilation is available for free to download from the site, I just regret I had to search the bands pages as the videos. I wish there was a pdf with those infos inside avoiding me spending ours to find them myself.

Neither less to say it is a good compilation and it is not easy to make one so well done 96/100.

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