From Hell : ‘Rats Ravens” CD 22nd May 2020 Fastball Music.

From Hell : 'Rats Ravens" CD 22nd May 2020 Fastball Music.
From Hell : 'Rats Ravens" CD 22nd May 2020 Fastball Music.
From Hell : “Rats Ravens” CD 22nd May 2020 Fastball Music.

From Hell : “Rats Ravens” CD 22nd May 2020 Fastball Music. USA Heavy / Thrash / Death Metal band.

Second album from this horror Metal band. Most bands start from a music style, others have something different in mind that must include the lyrics as a story tale. In this case it’s like taking Slayer‘s crazy lyrics to turn them into a Stephen King movie and alike. Those who likes movies such as SAW, The Texas Chainsaw Massacra, Living Dead.. will be loving those lyrics and the From Hell’s univers.

Composed with professional musicians you can expect a serious album. A powerful captivating cover album that catches the eyes straight from the first sight. You already got the idea of what’s inside, like discovering a book with mysterious and terrible stories. Added to this first impression, a good title to help you sleep well at night. 

A very entertaining album, very hard to not listen to the fullest. You are captivated by those great riffs and that voice that has something holding you out of breath. It is really amazing to listen to an album that sounds like reading a book or watching a movie. They managed to accomplish what they wanted. We can give them credits for that as it is not usual.

Have a listen :

Parts from early Death Metal eras and Thrashing, a feel to be back at the end of the eighties. Groovy and Heavy , it kills and many will love it. Aleister Sinn on vocals reminding me old singers, that special timbre. He played guitar and sang for the SF Bay area bands “Down Factor and Grandma“, a tribute to King Diamond. He is pretty skilled to enjoy singing and playing guitar at the same time which is a difficult task.

“Rats Ravens” is going to send you in a world you never ever imagined

Wes Anderson on drums, a very well known musician of the SF Bay area (SOSA  / Blind Illusion / Idiot Flesh / Kehoe Nation /  Malocchio / Young Lions..) blasting amazing tunes that give a special feel to the songs. Stephen Paul Goodwin on bass (Diablo Dukes , Journey Unauthorized) and Steve Smyth ( One Machine – official, Forbidden, Nevermore,Testament, Vicious Rumors) on lead guitar. So we have here an amazing band with very professional musicians and skilled who brings us an amazing album ready to kick the Metal world.

Perfect for all metal heads around in love for all Metal from late eighties to early nineties, you will bang your head ’till death. Among those great influences such as Atheist, Dementia, Death, Sanctuary … the well written songs sending you in a real Metal world that for sure keeps the roots alive and well. Another great piece of art from those brilliant musicians 100/100.

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