Ice Vinland : “Asgard Steel” Dbl LPs 30th August 2019 Pure Steel Records.

Ice Vinland : "Asgard Steel" Dbl LPs 30th August 2019 Pure Steel Records.
Ice Vinland : "Asgard Steel" Dbl LPs 30th August 2019 Pure Steel Records.

Ice Vinland : “Asgard Steel” Dbl LPs 30th August 2019 Pure Steel Records. Canada Heavy / Thrash Metal band.

Started back in 1997, the band rode a long way to metallize the world with their fight to conquer the world. Setting their style in the warrior kind of band. They have the outfit of the people from the viking time, yet their music is a mix of every Metal tunes from the eighties. With amazing guitar leads with two guitarists reminding few bands who left a big trace in the Metal music. A voice with many influences reminding many great singer, very good entertaining creations. Ice Valand has made some of the best album done sending you back in time.

With patriotic lyrics, the songs are pretty set into an old book or movie. The music is a mix of Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal with heavy guitars and blasting solos to get you addicted without a doubt. Even if you think you recognize the influences,  you can’t really capture them. Having released only three albums, their music is stuck in time and will pass the decades without a dust. This third album was released by the band in 2018 and once again the amazing label decided to press it onto vinyl! A great collectible for real Metal Heads passionate who love the records.

It is not what some call a Viking music, they just want to be in that image that brings back memory of ancient bands who used this to get apart from the usual Metal Heads looking. They are true Metal for sure. Ice Vinland is a great act and deserves a lot of support. A great musicianship, great composers and brillant musicians. Every ingredients to make the perfect band. An album without a special cover art but a logo and flames to mark the band’s burning desire to explode the music worldwide. Passion and skills, they are keeping the spirit of great Heavy Metal tunes with some more heaviness on this new release, evolving into a mastermind monster.

Check out this songs :

As a result, Ice Vinland is a brillant band to follow and spread. You can have a taste of their earlier material on their bandcamp page unless you already loved what you just heard. Nine songs to punch you in the face, raging messages and blasting tunes. “All Together” , “Age Of Steel” , “One Day We Shall Be Free”… Like listening to a Metal anthology, this new album is a one of a kind you must own!

Influences ranging from Iced Earth , Forbidden, Manowar, Nevermore, Iron Maiden, Agent Steel, Queensryche, Helloween, Firewind, Savatage, Judas Priest, Saxon, Metal Church, Rage... Furthermore, so many to mention, yet hard to pigeon all. They have their own sound and style and it just kills. Get it now 98/100.

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