The Shiver : “Adeline” CD 15th march 2019 Wormholedeath records.

The Shiver : "Adeline" CD 15th march 2019 Wormholedeath records.
The Shiver : "Adeline" CD 15th march 2019 Wormholedeath records.
The Shiver : “Adeline” CD 15th march 2019 Wormholedeath records.

The Shiver : “Adeline” CD 15th march 2019 Wormholedeath records. Italy Pop / Rock / Alternative band.

Originally recorded in 2017, the band got signed by the label which repressed the album with a bonus song from a live show happened in the UK.  An amazing cover album that deserves a LP version for the details it has. After two releases since they started, got plenty of tours with known artists (Papa Roach, Misfits, Vanilla Sky, God Is an Astronaut, Dead Letter Circus, Tarja ) that got them a big fame over Europe.  

Another Italian band I discover and surprisingly has been around for few years, yet had lots of shows abroad and many fans. A lady playing guitar and singing with melodic voice, taking your soul away. In the vein of Aeren, it seems like many bands love to melt the pop melodic voices sounds with rocking guitar tunes. While the cover artworks opens the chakras with your eyes. The soft tunes will set the band into the pop universe gaining them a lot of airplays on radios and tv stations. 

Pretty opened to anyone who loves music, this is a peaceful album. Helping out to relax and step away from the noise pollution, today’s life is about. Most of the songs are like living on a cloud. Soft as a slight touch. Some melodies reminding The Cure, Evanescence, Natalie Imbruglia .. rocking riffs which live will move the crowds in nice communion. Few little sounds to give a special atmosphere, it takes your mind attached to the tunes. You can’t get away from this nice feeling.

The last songs have a different feel, with distorted vocals, electronic sounds… I must say it is not much my like. They probably want to reach out a different audience… Honestly I think they should keep the great tunes flowing as it really is a good album. The last song is a live one recorded in the UK. A ‘bonus’ track from the label to give a good reason to repress this great piece of art. 

Let yourself go :

A slight influence of Paramore, the band likes rock and pop and wants to get the most of it. It is hard to set them into a box, you can just appreciate their music and buy this brilliant album. Faith  ‘s melodic voice will get your blood melting with love for sure.  The music just is really cool to spend the day in your ears with. “Adeline” , “How Deep Is Your Heart” , “High”… each songs have a special feel but they all join a peaceful kind of vibe. 

A beautiful album that deserves a great audience, a band that will go far 98/100.

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