Dust In MInd : “From Ashes to Flames” Digipack CD 30th September 2018 Dark Tunes Music Group.

Dust In MInd : "From Ashes to Flames" Digipack CD 30th September 2018 Dark Tunes Music Group.
Dust In MInd : "From Ashes to Flames" Digipack CD 30th September 2018 Dark Tunes Music Group.
Dust In Mind : “From Ashes to Flames” Digipack CD 30th September 2018 Dark Tunes Music Group.

Dust In Mind : “From Ashes to Flames” Digipack CD 30th September 2018 Dark Tunes Music Group. Modern Heavy / Industrial Metal band. 

It is hard for me to classify this brilliant band , while they started as an Industrial act,  which is not much my like. Their first album had that special touch that got me addicted. So it is natural for me to get the last album since I am following them since they started and so own their albums. This is a perfect band in many ways. Beautiful cover artworks, amazing videos, straight to the point lyrics… it is close to perfection. Those are the reason why they deserve to be loved and spread. Attached to those details while sharing the best thing on earth that is music. 

Jennifer‘s melodic voice and the agressive vocals and punchy tunes, giving the anger right in the stomach while passing through the harsh messages that got straight into your head. Let’s get back to this cover artwork reminding Obituary ‘ s “World Demise” 94 album, with today’s painful forests burning. A strong message sadly still actual! The trees are the reason of our human life! Just this cover kick right in the face and Dust In Mind use the lyrics to tell all this misery the human being are doing.

Inside they are those pictures of the factories chimney spreading dark pollution in the air. Most of this album is about our life and what we are doing to kill the nature which is here for us and we destroy with stupidity. Listening to this beautiful album gets straight into your bones and you want to cry of anger , if you have a heart. Musically they have chosen to make a clear album with strong sad atmosphere you can’t ignore when those serious thoughts are spoken aloud. This time Damien the growling angry guitarist has chosen to sing with nice voice , sharing the tunes with Jennifer. The two are getting more power with the melodic voices and strong lyrics. Pouding tunes and down tuned guitars, you can feel the power and heaviness the band wants to express.

Keeping the path they have taken from the first albums but this time with a much serious and tough dark feel. It is somehow an evolution for a band that denounces lots of gravity in this world.  Some songs have that Dark New Wave feel which represents well the dark side of the feelings we have. Yet with nice tunes and entertaining riffs they have the secret to. It rocks so much you can’t stop listening to this brilliant masterpiece. Like an open book, it speaks straight to you. Add to this those amazing videos that bring much feel and life to those amazing songs.

it’s all about the world

You are plunged into the human reality that is getting worst with time. This is what makes a band such powerful, they deserve the fame they have and we can put them onto the highest step of modern excellent band. It has power, strength , feelings , melodies … all these with lyrics spreading lots of anger and reality that makes this album one of the best. While I like the first two, this new one has a stronger message that kicks so hard. Although the band went to few little line up changes , the strength resides in the combo , Jennifer and Damien who are amazing artists. 

It is such amazing to feel what an artist manage to express through their art. Those little sounds from the keyboards  getting along the atmosphere of the songs. They are more Heavy than indus in this album, yet at the end they made two songs reminding their style they created at first making the Industrial sounds present. So for the lovers of those sounds, Dust In Mind hasn’t changed but this album has something special. Never easy to express what you really feel such it is so strong. The beauty in sadness making such a power yet so real. 

I leave you enjoying this video that speaks to us all :

The earth must be respected, it is the home that gave us life. Why the human being wants to destroy it?!  A beautiful booklet with lyrics and photos of the band members with illustrations of world destruction. The influences are many from the eighties to today with many music styles included , all the mixture of good elements to join anger and passion. One song reminds Portishead which I haven’t heard for a while. Dust In Mind just released a masterpiece the music will keep in history forever, a must have and play loud as long as you can to energize your life 100/100.

We are the disease

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