Sister Shotgun : “Fragments” CD 19th April 2019 Pavement Music.

Sister Shotgun : "Fragments" CD 19th April 2019 Pavement Music.
Sister Shotgun : “Fragments” CD 19th April 2019 Pavement Music.

Sister Shotgun : “Fragments” CD 19th April 2019 Pavement Music. Rock / Hard Rock / Modern Metal band. Hailing from the UK , in an area where I lived, it’s with a big surprise I discover this awesome band. I’ve been listening to this album for so long and can’t stop to. It is just well written , a very good voice to enchant your life for years and great catchy riffs . Mellow times to squeeze your heart with love and tender to fill up with passion.

This is what we call new generation music, they are mixing the eighties Rock and Hard Rock music with the nineties Metal Core , Nu Metal and everything that came from that time when bands searched for a modern new sound. The result is just simply powerful and kick ass band that will blow the world without a doubt.

Anyone who loves music no matter the genre or style will fall in love with Sister Shotgun! First the vocalist Chloe Ozwell is just a talented amazing vocalist. She bewitched my soul and imprisoned my mind with her melodic captivating voice. I am trapped into a dream I can’t leave. The cover artwork really describes this pretty well, like floating into deep sea and fading into reality.

Ten songs influenced by so many music styles that combined you just hear the great compositions this band have created and fill up your senses with love! This is the kind of band that gets you the shock you have been waiting for. A band that with tons of influences manage to kick your ass with strength and prove that music is well alive.

With only eight years of life and a mini EP, they are so strong they managed to get a great deal and release this awesome album you will all get as it is a page turned into music history. A voice that has so many vibes reminding some great singers with strong lyrics and moving tunes.

Here is the first track :

So if you have felt in love with this one you will dig the complete album.Influences ranging from : Hydrogyn , Evanescence, Outlett, Paramore, Five Finger Death Punch, Pat Benatar, Within Temptation, Weapons of Anew, Kate Bush, …Her vocal melodies even sometimes reminds some pop stars who have really awesome voice.

“Fragments” , “For the Love of Hate”, “Kill The lights” , “Silhouettes”… they are all touching you deeply into your heart, each songs send you into a journey you want to live forever. Powerful, Melodic, Captivating … An explosion of your senses! Sister Shotgun is the new Metal sensation, voted best new comer by The Metal Mag 100/100.

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