Lindsay Schoolcraft : “Martyr” Digital 7th October 2019 Self Released.

Lindsay Schoolcraft : "Martyr" Digital 7th October 2019 Self Released.
Lindsay Schoolcraft : "Martyr" Digital 7th October 2019 Self Released.
Lindsay Schoolcraft : “Martyr” Digital 7th October 2019 Self Released.

Lindsay Schoolcraft : “Martyr” Digital 7th October 2019 Self Released. Canada Gothic / Rock / Pop / Metal band. Talented Singer, Harpist, Keyboardist, Solo Artist has released an awesome album with Evanescence ‘s drummer Rocky Gray. I can tell you that the result is just stunning, sounding like a complete band. Enchanting your soul with such a beautiful voice and great melodies, this album is going to hit the world like a bomb.

An amazing artwork from Anastasia Solti completely out from a comic book, logo by Lindsey Márton, the imagination is exploding into your brain with glittering lights. You will fall in love with Lindsay Schoolcraft in a second , letting yourself go into her world. When I read she is actually playing keyboard in Cradle Fifth, I was a bit scared to hear something in the same vein. Fortunately for me as I am not into this band, I discovered a cloudy vibe with peaceful tunes flying like a bird in the wind. The fans of COF are gonna be surprised to discover the true talent of this amazing artist.

She has teamed up first with a great drummer who gets this album a big lift with strong and heavy riffs. He is an amazing drummer but also did the guitars and bass! Lindsay is an amazing singer and writer, she performed and created everything on this amazing album. The first song “Saviour” gets you in the mood, her melodic voice and pounding drums with heavy kicking guitars set the music in the new Metal world blended with many influences that matches what the new generation is listening to now.

The Evanescence influence is strongly bleeding from the compositions but not only, you will hear some much more rock and modern pop at certain moments. It’s music and it sounds great. This album will be loved by many people in different music styles. What is amazing is once you heard the first song each one brings another powerful feeling that makes you love it all and you will play for days without stopping!

I let you enjoying this song that is at the end of the album :

The list of the songs just is perfect, sometimes you feel the songs don’t really quite fit in the order it is recorded but this album is just perfect. Some will hear a bit of Within Temptation, but it is not symphonic. She has melodies and the keyboard sound and atmosphere make you think of other bands. You may hear a bit of The Cranberries… It is made full of emotions that is taking your heart and soul to be bewitched by this darken lady.

Behind this darken soul there is a heart , a woman with lots of feelings and passion that spills through the music. An edge of Gothic but it is not! Enter into a new dimension , a world where in science fiction a witch is slowly swallowing your soul,like a drug that slowly taking possession of your entire body. It feels good, it’s a venom. Beware Lindsay Schoolcraft is taking you into her underworld. You might never come back, but you will stay safe and happy!

Dive in, let yourself go into this eleven songs with a great cover sounding almost like her own creation at the end. “Blood From a Stone” , “Dangerous Game” , “Remember”, “My Way Without You”… it’s just pure honey for your ears and sugar for your soul. Many guest on this masterpiece, orchestration by Spencer Creaghan and Matthew Van Dreil, orthodox chant on “Saviour” by Vassilis Thomas, gregorian chant on “Saviour” by David Michael Moote, children’s choirs on “Dangerous Game,” “Warm Me,” and “Remember” thanks to the aid of Chanel Martins, a Metal song with guest vocals on “See The Light” by Xenoyr, backing vocals on “My Way Without You” by Lauren Francis.

A great team to give us a masterpiece, I can only dream of seeing Lindsay Schoolcraft live with a complete band captivating the audience and becoming a strong presence in the music scene. She deserve it, “Martyr” is a masterpiece with a strong art that gets her a complete artist and it is great to see and hear such a person. An amazing piece of art you must get next month 100/100.

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