The-Commander-In-Chief : “Bérit Vol1” Digipack CD 21st November 2018 Self Released.

The-Commander-In-Chief : "Bérit Vol1" Digipack CD 21st November 2018 Self Released.
The-Commander-In-Chief : "Bérit Vol1" Digipack CD 21st November 2018 Self Released.
The-Commander-In-Chief : “Bérit Vol1” Digipack CD 21st November 2018 Self Released.

The Commander In Chief : “Bérit Vol1” Digipack CD 21st November 2018 Self Released. Norway / Uk Classical / Heavy Metal shredder.

This young girl started her journey on Myspace social media, where she was a brilliant Heavy Metal shredder with her own signature Ibanez seven strings guitar. Years have passed, her fame still on top. She’s been ill, yet she hasn’t lost her ability to blow away everyone on this living planet. She is a brilliant and amazing artist! Playing anything on the guitar, sings like an angel, plays the piano and creates songs on her own. A mastermind into the music. 

We often come to an individual who has talent but usually that person is in a band. Berit does it all on her own with the help of her mother who is the manager. She had her time with tons of Heavy Metal greatnesses , shredding and singing with amazing precision and perfection. She moved to a duet with a classical guitarist making like a battle between Electric and Acoustic, playing classical masterpieces. Those have been written long time ago and still are classics in the music. The fact they played it on the guitar made this duet a strong performance to blow the world. They have even released a CD about those amazing performances.

Berit is now back on her own, putting out an album that is just so beautiful and get you speechless. Those songs were written years ago, now she has decided to release three pieces of this amazing art she has done. So we have now “Berit Vol 1” , it already has been released a year ago. As her work is becoming rare, since she ‘s trying to get help from the fans and Digital is always taking the hand first those days. I so jumped on the occasion to own a physical CD, I in the past bought some digital songs I loved but I ‘m an old guy who loves the physical things. Then she is also signing it making a collectible item in my collection.

So she has decided to release two more Volumes in the futur. She never stops impressing us all. Keeping the creation coming, blasting anyone who listens to her music. She is an angel , you can’t be untouched by her beautiful talent. I am really impressed by all she is releasing. High pitch vocals , choir choruses , piano, guitar… she is doing it all on this album! NO drums nor other instruments than just a clean guitar sound, the melodies of her voice. This is a masterpiece and when you know this artist, you will fall in love with her without a doubt. 

Eleven songs played with love and powerful passion that drives her to a perfect album. “Have you Ever Loved Anyone” , “How Cheap Will You Sell Your Soul” , “Why So Hostile” … you are captivated by the amazing beauty of the music, you also clearly listen to clearly the lyrics. She is talking about many things that can be private life history or even things we all encounter. Her voice is sometimes very high and could be compared to classical singers. One song reminds me Lana Del Rey but this is in no way comparable. The music is like lifting you from the ground, you are flying into a cloud full of love and passion. Sometimes going into that Jazzy vocal style, she also reminds me sometimes Kate Bush.

The last song “Set Me Free” is about her book she wrote for children. As a complete artist she has mastered and mixed the album after creating those amazing songs. She has performed into TV, churches, and always available to speak to her fans through Facebook. She is amazing!!!

Listen and fall in love :

You just have been captivated by the siren mistress, go and buy her album! She is perfect! Such talent is rare, she deserves a lot of attention and gather more fans, as she is doing it all alone she has a patreon page to help her accomplish more amazing stuffs for the pleasure of our ears and eyes. Keep following this amazing lady , a masterpiece 100/100.



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