June-1974 : “Nemesi” Digital 1st June 2018 Visionaire Records.

June-1974 : "Nemesi" CD & Digital 1st June 2018 Visionaire Records.
June-1974 : "Nemesi" CD & Digital 1st June 2018 Visionaire Records.
June-1974 : "Nemesi" CD & Digital 1st June 2018 Visionaire Records.
June-1974 : “Nemesi” Digital 1st June 2018 Visionaire Records.

June-1974 : “Nemesi”  Digital 1st June 2018 Visionaire Records. Italian Rock / Progressive / Instrumental / Metal band. When you receive an album with that kind of band’s name you are sceptical of what you may hear. The cover artwork reminding the girl in Bram Stocker‘s movie Dracula that was one of the best one I have seen.

Federico Romano is the man behind this amazing album. Pretty hard to label such it doesn’t get into a specific genre of music. Started in 2009 , the artist managed to get great musicians to participate to his project and released many songs during those years. The cover can also get you into the imagination of Indian statues representing peace ..I let you the choice to get your own thoughts about it.

Mixed and mastered by Tommy Talamanca (Sadist guitar player) at Nadir Music Studios, it is composed of songs sending you into many ways and feelings. You might feel relaxed on some tracks that most therapist who works to get you feel good after hard work days and lots of stress, sometimes getting you ready when jumping out of bed better than a cup of coffee.

Out of the ordinary people from diverse musical likes will get into this album such it has many influences and passages from various musical styles. Incorporating Jazz, Classical , Heavy double drums, Rock etc…

This is just a journey of the mind for those who loves music and don’t want to listen to the albums usually into a box. So be ready to spread your wings and get amazed by this album.

Have a listen :

This album is composed of many artists : Gionata Mirai ,Tommy Talamanca (Sadist) , John Cordoni (Necromass), Francesco Conte (klimt 1918) , AndyLaRocque (King Diamond) , Jørgen Munkeby  (Shining/Ihsahn) , Patrick Mameli (Pestilence), Paul Masvidal (Cynic/Death) , James Murphy (Obituary/Death/Testament/Cancer/Gorguts/Disincarnate) , Francesco Sosto (The Foreshadowing).

Available on every digital platform.

Influences joining the kind of artists such as : Yes, Dream Theater, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd, Patrick Rondat and many others that will pop into your mind while listening this amazing piece. The great thing is some of those artists are known for special music style but you will be on your ass to hear what they have accomplish on this project! Get blown away to this original album100/100.

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