Lita Ford : “Living Like a Runaway” Book 2016 Harpers Collins / William Morrow Publishers.

Lita Ford : "Living Like a Runaway" Book 2016 Harpers Collins / William Morrow Publishers.
Lita Ford : "Living Like a Runaway" Book 2016 Harpers Collins / William Morrow Publishers.
Lita Ford : “Living Like a Runaway” Book 2016 Harpers Collins / William Morrow Publishers.

Lita Ford : “Living Like a Runaway” (a memoir)  Book 2016 Harpers Collins / William Morrow Publishers.  The Queen of Metal has made a book, and wow that is the precious one to own for any fan on the planet. You probably all read it by now and wonder why I review it now. Well let me explain, it’s not late review as it happens with albums. It’s a matter of fact when it came out I was on the “Pre-order” list as I wanted so bad to own it on the first like any fan does. I’ve been a fan of Lita since 1983 and was in love with her having tons of big posters on my bedroom wall. I discovered The Runaways later because of her as my father had every late sixties albums from Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper , Jimi Hendrix etc… all of the main bands but not a single one from that first teenage all ladies rock band.

So when lita told she would make a book I jumped on the wagon to own it as my precious book. After a year and half on Amazon’s list receiving ever six month that the book was delayed, I cancelled my (pre) order. I guess that US had the privilege to get the first copies and Europe had to wait…. Since Lita has a website I tried to ordered it from there but now the shipping cost to Europe has become as expensive as the book itself so I started to wait. Time flies and I still wanted to own that book so I managed to order it on Amazon this year! Yep 2017 how crazy but I have it!!! (I don’t know how they manage to get the price low)

So after countless reviews  I read,  I made my own mind about it. First it’s a hard cover book totally black with awesome photos from the cover to the inside. The paper is fin and if you have dirty hands you will put your finger prints all over it. I tend to not touch the pages so It kept it’s hard soft beautiful made design. Towards the end you have photos from all Lita’s life with color ones from her parents to her pregancy… I supposed it has been hard to find and choose them to be in the book but it’s an amazing choice that help us seeing her complete life in few shots! Lita’s has still her baby face which make me still be in love each time I see her.

The book has different parts, Dee Snider (her friend) is starting the book to introduce the lady to the world and give her credits for being the first rocking guitarist to rule the world. On the inside cover as the back you can read magazines and artists giving their praise to the mighty book such it’s good and she owns respect. Fo me Lita is the first lady who played the electric guitar and made it so different with her own style that really made her apart from all the men guitarists we all know. I tired to play like her and she has definitively inspired and gave the wish to all women to play guitar.

So the book starts with her teenage life , describing where she lived and where she came from. You can directly from the start be in her head and see everything like you are living it. It’s amazing how you feel like being in a movie. This book is so detailed that it got me sucked. Of course not everything could be mentioned cos it would end up like a three book story … the biggest part is with the runaways and what happened during those times, few other parts are mentioned later since the band was so demanded by the fans they has been rumours or getting back.. but you probably know about it at least I remember those years.

For the fans as for the others it’s more than a book , probably why they ad ” a memoir” in small letters. Lita has lived the rock and roll life with the good and the bad events that every musicians live except it has been tougher has she was the first lady to kick serious ass! While she struggled to get her way to the music business and the male dominating rock stars. She came out with a strong and powerful energy that can inspire lots of generations to come. She’s not just the queen she is the Goddess of Rock and Heavy Metal. She deserves a statue, to be recognized by every musicians on the planet. This is the reason I always supported her and then supported all girl bands and musicians girls who deserve the same fame as men.

She bravely went through all even the “Spinal Tape ” moments and this book is her recognition you should have and read. Hail the queen! Thank you for your music and inspiration. Lita and her band will release a new album in 2018 , she’s always on tour and her fans are as strong as her. Thanks she gave me an interview on the recent mag if you haven’t read it already, a brilliant book to own 100/100.


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