Night Screamer : “Dead of Night” CD 26 th April 2019 Self Released.

Night Screamer : "Dead of Night" CD 26 the April 2019 Self Released.
Night Screamer : “Dead of Night” CD 26 th April 2019 Self Released.

Night Screamer : “Dead of Night” CD 26 th April 2019 Self Released. UK Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band. When you are blown away by such a cover artwork from an underground band, it’s insane those band do it all themselves. You can imagine the guys are fans of the horror movies , between “the hills have eyes” or “the living dead” .. you can easily dig the cover like it was a movie poster.

So after staring at this amazing artwork for a while it is time to listen to the tunes. I must say I am really impressed again by what I hear, it’s like taking the DeLorean back to the futur. It’s an explosion of eighties Metal tunes we grew up with. It’s like taking Alice Cooper‘s Trash album, the singer has his voice! How cool is that?!

Put your head phones on and get back to the cool tunes that made Heavy Metal music. It’s always a pleasure to hear a band that can recreate those years with the same feel. Even if the sound has evolved , they are just composing songs that revive those years. It’s a shame I didn’t know that band when I was living their.

It is amazing that new bands are invading the planet with old great tunes they compose as they were those legends. With no doubt this band is here to stay. A solid line up to play great tunes that will move the biggest crowd at festivals.

Have a listen:

So you ‘ve heard it is fresh and yet inspired by the ones who got this music style to the top and so we can only wish them a long and beautiful career. Influences ranging fromĀ Saxon,Judas Priest,Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult, Ozzy Osbourne, Savatage, Skid Row, Bon Fire, Tokyo Blade, Satans joker, Iron Maiden,Lita Ford, W.A.S.P

You got to have that awesome piece of art in your collection , whatever you weren’t born in the eighties or you just remember those great days (believe me it was amazing) Night Screamer is giving that thrill you’ve been waiting for. A journey back to those blasting years. Those musicians are magicians and create that feel that flows in your veins and make you jump of pleasure.

Enjoy this exploding modern reviving intense beautiful feels Heavy Metal will forever be, and get that album now 98/100.

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