What to celebrate for this summer? @themetalmag

This is summer and you’re invited to celebrate twenty years of Metal support.
In 1998 I started Metal Zone Prod.666    with the idea to spread Metal bands around the world with diverse fields to help. It went from newsletter, selling merchandise, booking gigs, albums reviews…
Proud to be one of the first to have started an Online magazine as PDF, The Metal Mag is still here spreading the disease of Metal.
It wouldn’t be possible without the passion that is driving me and all the people who have participated from far to close to this continued motivation that makes life better.
Although I haven’t printed yet all the mags editions, as I know many of you want to own a copy, you are welcome to by the pdf version on the website and for the printed edition here are the prices for individuals.

N°13 = €19

N°14 = €21

N°15 = €14

N°16 = €18

N°17 = €23

N°18 = €26

N°19 = €29

N°20 = €22

N°21 = €17

N°22 = €22

N°23 = €22

You know that the most who ask the most I can print and so the price will melt down.
So thank you all and Happy Anniversary to me 🙂
Music is Life

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The Metal Mag was born in 1998 in England, the wish to support Metal bands in the world. A magazine is readable for free with live video interviews and link to partners.

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