Judas Priest : “Turbo30” TriplCDs and 1LP – 3rd February 2017 Sony Music

Judas Priest
Judas Priest
The Metal Mag review for Judas Priest Turbo Album birthday

Judas Priest:”Turbo30″ TriplCDs and 1LP – 3rd February 2017 Sony Music. NO need to introduce one of the biggest Heavy Metal band who inspired many even today! Originally recorded in 1984 and released in 1986 that album was a huge blast into the Metal world and still one of the best album to be loved. I personnaly love that album cos I discovered the band with this one. I then bought all the other ones but Turbo is when they actually changed and powered the sound with melodies and heavy riffs it kicks in my head every time I hear it and will always be one of my favorite , honestly it hasn’t aged at all. The band is offering us a remastered album by Mandy Parnell AT BLACK SALOON STUDIOS , giving a bit of high power to it and a kinda fresh sound so you will appreciate it far more. Two Cds to cover a whole 1986 live show recorded at THE KEMPER ARENA, KANSAS CITY . A great package to own for any fan including bonuses, redesign original artworks and great photos you won’t be desappointed and for sure will listen to it for 30 years more to come 100/100

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