Omnisight: “The Power of One” Digital 20th January 2017 Self release.

OmnisighT : "The Power Of One" CD and Digital 20th January 2017 Self Released.
OmnisighT : "The Power Of One" 20th jJanuary 2017 self Released.
OmnisighT: “The Power Of One” 20th January 2017 self Released.

OmnisighT: “The Power Of One” CD and Digital 20th January 2017 Self Released. Canada Progressive Rock Band.

I must say, I had to listen to it several times to find the right moment of mood to dig it. It’s a beautiful album with lots of things to get into. It’s difficult to put into a box since it has very clean and soft tunes that need attention to appreciate.  For the ones who love it prog, it is just a matter of perception as the five tracks are all somehow different.

The creations have been worked with a search for accomplishment to the best. The strange thing is sometimes you have the impression of listening to Tony Mc Alpine with a singer such that it has techs and melodies placed in the right place. A pleasure for every guitarist such as myself.

Down-tuned guitars remind the nineties of Nu- Metal bands and such. A similar to the Dime bag from Pantera at some point. Yet the technical parts with inverted chords and a Jazzy style send you into another world. If you like Nili Brosh’s style, this is for you! The real progressive touch with those shreddy parts makes this Five Tracks EP a must to listen to.

Check this out :

Influences: Obsidian 55, Extreme, Soundgarden, Tool, Yes, Tony Mc Alpine, Nili Brosh and many more.

You can find it on every digital platform such as Bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby, and Spotify…

An excellent album to own and certainly a band to see live 100/100.

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