Van Halst: “World of Make Believe” CD ‘th March 2016

The Metal Mag review for the album of VanHalst

Van Halst: “World of Make Believe” CD ‘th March 2016. Canada Metal/Pop/Indie/Rock/Jazz.. band. A heavy grave voice with power and feelings. First song starting with growling voice and strong distortion to finaly moving to a very quite nice music giving the band a kinda two faces like Jekil and Hide album. Influences going from the 80’s ’till today : Annie Lenox, Amy Lee, Tracy Chapman, Outlett, Marylin Manson, Fear Factory, In this Moment.. you will love this band for the diversity of tunes they mix and give you. A bit distrubing at first cos It reminds me some female voices in the 80s who would never be in a Metal band and was aired on TV. SO just for this I give credits for the singer who really gives a lot of vocals ability we don’t hear a lot. The last song will remind you Evanescence with the piano. This band will reach a lot of people in the music who just love music as much as I do shamely I heard that album now but I can tell this is a brillant band who should deserve a lot of success and been nominated for best Rock/Metal band in their country which doesn’t surprise me 99/100

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