Necronomicon – Advent of The Human God LP 2017 Season of Mist records

Album review for Necronomicon

Necronomicon:”Advent of The Human God” LP 2017 Season of Mist records.Quebec/Canada Death/Black Metal band. The french label found a pearl straight from a country we’re not used to hear in that kind of Metal , probably why it is so good, second album on this label some might now them as they had one signed on Naplam Records. Mixed and Mastered by: JF Dagenais (Kataklysm) the sound is just perfect and will earn the love from every Metalheads. The band started in 1991 so the die hard fans must know their classic in the extreme section. THE cover is just brilliant and gives an insight of the album that is right powerfull. Having great riffs from Thrash (Machine Head, Grip Inc) heavy voicals (Aeturnus), beating drums and some keyboards and special moment (Satyricon).. there is a lot to find . 11 tracks of pure joyness with great intros and a very good video voted best album for this month in this category by metal zone prod.666 – 100/100

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