3000AD : “The void” LP & CD & Digital 27 March 2020 Total Metal Records.

3000AD : "The void" LP & CD & Digital 27 March 2020 Total Metal Records.
3000AD : "The void" LP & CD & Digital 27 March 2020 Self Released.
3000AD : “The void” LP & CD & Digital 27 March 2020 Total Metal Records.

3000AD : “The void” LP & CD & Digital 27 March 2020 Total Metal Records. New Zealand Crossover Thrash Metal band.

Discovering new bands through social media is something, but when a band contacts you and it turns out to be bloody brilliant. This is a very good surprise you can only share with the masses. The band’s name first got me questioned. As most of the recent bands who had a life in the nineties or before, changed their name with AD making you think it is actually a new band. 

I thought, “what could be this old band”, it happens that it is not! The guys found a way to get attracted by a name to be blown away from the music. Pretty unusual and questionable name. They are plenty of hidden things about this amazing band. Before I get deeper into it, if I can get an interview for all to know; I’m going to try to help you digging this powerful kick-ass album.

Firstly I rarely come across a thrash band from this part of the world. So another surprise to tell me they are plenty of Metal bands in every corner of the world yet to be discovered. A cover artwork sending you more into the thinking and imagination of what 3000ADcan be. It makes me think of a mic head that could be a robot head too. Buried thousand times in the earth and get out after the wind has vanished the dirt… and you what do you see?

“3000AD makes you want to mosh and skate”

What’s better than a cover artwork making you think?! It goes pretty well with the band’s name. A complete confusion too at the end gives you a strong pleasure to know. I hear you asking what the music is about. Well, I will start by it is a fresh explosion of senses yet with such an eighties strong influences that captures what made the great tunes to be so good.

Groovy, thrashy, giving you wings and your blood boiling of pleasure. The three-piece band is full of passion and manages to create an album that will stick in history as such as the eighties bands that got the same riffs to have. I have been listening to this album several times and I can’t stop! it is a bomb! Reminding the early days when Thrash came from the Punk and hardcore fusion that we called Crossover.

Have a listen with the first song of the album:

It brings back to my youth, feeling such power and energy. My body explodes of happiness. Creating such great songs with so many influences make sure 3000ADis the new Thrash Metal sensation. Prepare for the battle, they will kick the places down. Having toured New Zealand and released few songs on their Bandcamp page, the album is now set to slap the world in the face. 

Influences ranging from Suicidal Tendencies, Gang green, DRI, Metallica, Sepultura, Evil Dead, Anthrax… This is a strong Thrash album with groove and dancing tunes. Eight tracks to satisfy your days with energy and will to shake your body, Thrash Metal still raging! The album ends up with an instrumental in such an emotional way. 

The album was recorded in studios in Hollywood, California, and Auckland, New Zealand. Award-winning engineer and producer Clint Murphymixed the album, and it was mastered at the iconic Sterling Sound in New York City. The gatefold artwork was painted by famed Berlin-based artist Eliran Kantor. This is for sure one of the best albums in 2020, I wish them a lot of success and long life. A must-have 100/100.


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