Manticora : “To live is to kill” CD August 2020 Self Released.

Manticora : "To live is to kill" CD August 2020 Self Released.
Manticora : "To live is to kill" CD August 2020 Self Released.
Manticora : "To live is to kill" CD August 2020 Self Released.
Manticora : “To live is to kill” CD August 2020 Self Released.

Manticora : “To live is to kill” CD August 2020 Self Released. Danish modern Metal band. 

Manticora to live is to kill. After numerous live dates around the globe and a covid setting everyone home. The powerful explosive band is back with another album. A follow up of the book written by Lars Larsen . Completing the crazy stories of life events such as horror movies; the lyrics are amazing imagination taken from this book an expressed in music.

Each album is a sounding vision to help your brain swallowing the book to mess up with your brain. For those who have hard times to read a book to create imagination, the albums are creating them in another way. Brilliantly written, you are absorbed by the millions of passages throwing feelings and emotions. Mixing up many Metal styles from heaviness, power, melodies.. it will give you goose bumps. 

Manticora to live is to kill, bewitching the masses”

Going to their live shows is like diving into the universe of Manticora, not just a simple show but many great moments and special times to remember. Whatever the style you are into , you will love the tunes. It will get your blood boiling of pleasure. Well written and full of passion , “To live is to kill” is sending you into a wild dream in which you will might never come out.

Have a listen :

From Heavy Metal to Thrash Metal to Death Metal… they are jumping into the music power taking each great parts of it to create something you won’t forget. Great cover artwork , it summons pretty well the universe spoken in this album. It’s time to get blown away one more time with Manticora, and it’s not the end!

The album has been recorded partially in the band’s own studio , recorded and mixed in Hansen Studios. World-famous producer, Jacob
Hansen (Volbeat, Destruction..) who also produced the first two albums. It is one more time a quality masterpiece from the masters. Behind the drums the Swedish ‘Hoglan kicker‘ Lawrence Dinamarca,  on the rhythms guitars Kristian LarsenStefan Johansson on the guitar solos , Kasper Gram a powerful team to create amazing tunes.

Twelve songs to dive into and feel the emotions and dig the lyrics with amazing music parts. From instrumental to explosive songs, guest vocals to make it more special. A female voice to catch up the character in the story, a growling part to get the anger out . Every little things made to get each tracks a special moment. 

“Goodbye Tina” , “To Nanjing” , “Slaughter in the Desert Room” each song is a story that could make a movie. Guest what it is a book and albums! What more do you want? Every fans should get this album in their collection. Manticora is for sure a band to capture the essence of Metal, and sends it back to the masses. 

A must have in your collection 100/100.

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